Buy Bryan Talbot original artwork

Buy Bryan Talbot original artwork

This is the only place you can buy original Bryan Talbot artwork - except from Bryan in person at a convention.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright

The Legend of Luther Arkwright collates all details about Bryan's latest graphic novel.

The Legend of Luther Arkwright page collates all details about Bryan's latest graphic novel.

Heart of Empire - Directors Cut

Buy the Heart of Empire Directors Cut


This labour of love from Bryan and myself contains every single page of Heart of Empire in pencil, ink and final full colour format - as well as over 60,000 words of annotation, commentary and explanation from Bryan... - as well as the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright!



Or see the Heart of Empire Directors Cut page for more details.

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The Grandville Annotations

The annotations for Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

Bryan and myself have created a series of annotations for the Grandville graphic novel series, explaining references and homages to other works, how the pages are drawn, inked, coloured and put together.

All of the annotations are now complete and online for:

- Grandville

- Grandville Mon Amour

- Grandville Bête Noire

- Grandville Noël

- Grandville Force Majeure

This is the new version of the Bryan Talbot fanpage
But the whole of the original Bryan Talbot fanpage is still online.

The acknowledgments from One Bad Rat

These are Bryan's acknowledgments from the Tale of One Bad Rat.

For comment and encouragement on the work-in-progress, the following writers and artists; Leo Baxendale, Ramsey Campbell, John Coulthart, Al Davison, Glenn Fabry, Ben Hunt, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Gallagher, Colin Greenland, Gwyneth Jones, Steve Leialoha, Alan Moore, Eric Pringle, Roger Sabin, Dave Sim, Trina Robbins, Mary Talbot and Tom Veitch .

To the abuse survivors who talked to me, for information, comment and letting me know that I was getting it right.

To the London Metropolitan Police, Thames Division, Waterloo Pier, Stuart Mason, art teacher at Tulketh High School, Preston, Dick Hansom and Dick Jude for help with location shots.

To Dave Frost, the late Frank McConville, (Scouse advisors), Al Davison and Chris Moir (Geordie advisors).

To hairdresser Robin Simmons of Preston for calculating the monthly rate of growth of Helen's hair.

To Pip and Julie Grundy and James and Pauline Brunton; cat herders.

To Nigel and Helen Stevenson, proprietors of The Mason's Arms, Crosthwaite, the real life Herdwick Arms for allowing their pub to be used as a backdrop.

To Judy Taylor, author of Beatrix Potter, Artist, Storyteller and Countrywoman and Chair of The Beatrix Potter Society for championing Bad Rat.

And to my models; Pete Applegarth, Krishnan Arya, James Barker, Ben Blackledge, Theresa Bond, Babu Chauhan, Jean Dixon, Ben Evans, Clair Flannery, Ellen and Steve Gallagher, Sid Heathcote, Graham Holland, Kate Housden, Graeme Hurry, Les Isbister, Frank McConville, Keith and Sarita Marsland, Nick Robinson, Gary and Hilary Smith, Joan Smith, Jane Sorenson, Alwyn, Mary and Robin Talbot, Neil Wheeler.

The rats; Harpo, Vasquez, Daisy Waddle Reeves , Mad Mink Mortimer, Beatrix.

Also check out the thank you letter written by a fan of One Bad Rat to Bryan,, and Rat's Tail - Bryan's afterword to the Tale of One Bad Rat., and Rat's Whiskers - Stephen Gallagher's foreword to the trade paperback edition. I've also created the Lake District Gallery, with real-world photo's of the locations used in One Bad Rat.