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Grandville Force Majeure original art and other Bryan Talbot artwork now on sale

Page 54 of Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Force Majeure original artwork is now available to buy.

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Grandville miniature figures on sale at Crooked Staff

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Buy the Heart of Empire Directors Cut

This labour of love from Bryan and myself contains every single page of Heart of Empire in pencil, ink and final full colour format - as well as over 60,000 words of annotation, commentary and explanation from Bryan... - as well as the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright!

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The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopiaby Bryan and Mary Talbot - official homepage

The official Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia homepage

The cover to the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia by Mary and Bryan Talbot

This is the official home on the web for Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot's graphic novel The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia. This graphic novel is the third collaboration between husaband and wife team Mary and Bryan Talbot and tells the story of Louise Michel, the 19th-century anarchist, utopian, poet and activist.

Reviews of the Red Virgin:

Actor and artist Brian Gorman writes: "The Talbots’ latest graphic novel is a tour-de-force; epic, entertaining, hugely informative, and beautifully rendered. "

A review of Louise Michel, La Vierge Rouge (the title of the French edition of The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia) on French radio channel Europe 1. The item is around 5 minutes 20 seconds into the programme. The text of the review is reproduced there too. How good's your French? It says the book is by Bryan and Mary Talbot, "un couple britannique, des stars de la BD".

Also see more French reviews from Bodie and Avoir Alire.

Lisa McKenzie reviews the Red Virgin at the Times Higher Education: "This gripping, unforgettable account of the life of Louise Michel, the 19th-century anarchist, utopian, poet and activist, is a true narrative, written by scholar and graphic novelist Mary Talbot with her husband Bryan, and a moving example of how a book can become an emotional experience as you turn each page.

Not all books can do this; I read hundreds of them and can honestly say that most academic books seldom have an emotional effect on me. The Red Virgin, though, did just that, and in addition is one of the most beautiful objects that I have ever had the pleasure to have in my hands."

Socialist Review on The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia: "I highly recommend this beautiful and enjoyable read that will make you want to learn more about the Paris Commune and Louise Michel."

Mary and Bryan Talbot signing copies of the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia that Mary wrote and Bryan drew

Forbidden Planet blogged about Bryan and Mary at the Edinburgh book fest.

Review by Bookmunch: "It’s a great story – if I can say that about an actual person’s life without being too reductive – and it would be hard to mess up. In the hands of the Talbots, it’s a work of consummate mastery."

The Herald Scotland also reviewed the Red Virgin: "If third-age advocates are looking for a new poster girl they could do worse than Mary M Talbot. The retired academic has reinvented herself as a writer of graphic novels and her latest, created in tandem with her husband Bryan Talbot, is another fine example of her gift for finding the human stories behind historical narratives."

The Sunderland Echo has: Sunderland husband and wife team release graphic novel - "Award-winning literary couple Mary and Bryan Talbot have joined forces again. The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia is the third collaboration for the husband and wife team."

The Origins of The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia by Mary Talbot: "When we happened to meet Mary and Bryan Talbot just before Christmas, Mary told us just what they had coming next: The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia, a graphic biography of Louise Michel, the revolutionary feminist dubbed 'The Red Virgin of Montmartre', which is publishing in May from Jonathan Cape."

Mary's review of the Red Virgin launch week.

Orbital Comics dedicated their recent podcast to the Red Virgin

Bryan and Mary were on national BBC radio on Monday May 9th! Free Thinking on Radio 3 at 10:00pm and Front Row, Radio 4 at 7:15pm.

The Forbidden Planet report on the launch of the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia.

Carabas gives a free preview of the first 6 pages of the Red Virgin

Lydia Syson reviews the Red Virgin: "Published on the 400th anniversary of More’s Utopia, this book both simplifies and complicates the story of the Commune and its thinkers and activists; it does so beautifully, by putting the imagination centre stage, and looking at the past with an eye always on the future."

The Forbidden Planet review of the Red Virgin: "Powerful, moving, thought-provoking and fascinating. It’s only May and I already know this will be going straight onto my Best of the Year list come December."

Shelf Abuse: This is one of those rare joint efforts to achieve that level of synergy between image and word usually only attained by lonesome creators handling every element of the process. It’s difficult to imagine where each talent’s contributions begin and end, and quite frankly I’m happier not knowing.


And of course, don't forget to check out Mary Talbot's site; Bryan's wife and co-author and writer of the Red Virgin.