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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / Articles

Rough Guide to the Luther Arkwright multiverse by Robert Brewer based on works by Bryan Talbot


Spolier Warning: contains spoilers for people who have not read The Adventures of Luther Arkwright (hereafter TAoLA) and Heart of Empire (hereafter HoE)

00.72.87 Home parallel of Firefrost and (later) of Victoria Arkwright Stuart.

  England mired in a Stuarts-versus-puritans Civil War up to 1984. Industrial revolution occurred in Prussia... eternal 1914 scenario, with no WW1 to upset the empires of Prussia, Austria, Russia (which controls India) and Republican France (which controls much of Africa). America is divided and weak. After the Firefrost incident in 1984, Britain becomes the dominant power, with a huge empire forged by the psychic Queen Anne taking advantage of the power vacuum in Europe. Principal setting of both TAoLA and HoE.

00.00.00 Home parallel of WOTAN and the resistance to the Disruptors.

  Stable position in the multiverse, shielded by "the Five" from Disruptor influence. Holy Roman Empire develops into early scientific revolution and London-based World Government. Karl Marx discovers the existance of other parallels. Setting of much subplot in TAoLA and HoE.

00.30.22 Home parallel of Luther Arkwright

  Closely similar to our own parallel: Marx is a socialist philosopher-economist; WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam war all occur; Hippy sub-culture in late 1960s; similar technology. Setting of several flashbacks in TAoLA.

00.38.56 Neo-Victorian scenario.

  Setting of the opening and closing scenes of TAoLA.

00.39.21 Setting of the duel sequence in TAoLA #1

  Neo-Victorian or Edwardian in style, but high-tech - home of the Armstrong-Siddley "Royal Albert" Vibro Beamer.

07.23.05 "Empty" parallel

  No planet Earth. Disruptor base in TAoLA. Setting for part of TAoLA #9

??.??.?? parallel ruined by nuclear war

  Luther's childhood home and training base. TAoLA #1 refers to "some worlds just radioactive wastes ... like 02.79.10 ... bitter memories of mental programming ... weapons training", implying that 02.79.10 is the parallel where Luther was brought up, but this number was also used for the world of Ogoth and Ugly Boot (see below) which was devastated at a later date and by non-nuclear means. Note also that this parallel was ruined by full-scale nuclear war some time prior to 1950. In our world only the U.S. had atomic bombs before 1949. It is thus likely that this parallel was more technologically advanced than ours. Possibly the Disruptors engineered this situation in order to create a suitable location for Luther's training.

01.69.05 Continual War

  Luther's home for most of the intervening years between TAoLA and HoE. WW1 degraded into chaos and general warfare between small groups. Setting of part of HoE #6

02.91.46 Indian world dominance

  England is "Inglestan" Home of Luther's favourite curry houses. Setting of part of HoE #6.

02.79.10 Home parallel of Ogoth and Ugly Boot.

  Chaos brought on by pandemic of psychoactive virus. Setting of "For A Few Gallons More".

??.??.?? "Parallel England No.185"

  Catholic Tudor regime lasting to present day. Setting of "The Papist Affair"



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