Arkwright Integral

At last, a high quality ultimate A4 size hardback edition of the first flagship British Graphic Novel, together with the full colour sequel, Heart of Empire!

Now published, at 556 pages, this retails at $59.99, around £36, and is all of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of Empire in one volume. In addition, the Arkwright pages are digitally remastered from the original artwork and are the best quality versions of this art you will ever see!

Get Arkwright Integral from Amazon UKor Amazon in the US.

The Graphic Novel Man: the comics of Bryan Talbot DVD documentary is now available to buy online!


DVD £15.99: with shipping:

We've just opened the Bryan Talbot t-shirt shop! - at the moment we've just got the cover to Grandville: Bete Noire on some shirts: let us know on Twitter or at the Facebook group what other images you'd like.

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Did you know that you can read the whole first chapter of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom online for free right now? Yup; this is such a complex concept to try and put across that we said "to hell with it; just put the whole first chapter up there; that way people can see exactly what it is and buy it if they like it and have their curiosity satisfied either way."

Grandville by Bryan Talbot available to read as a digital comic

Grandville is now available from Dark Horse as a digital comic!

Bryan has released a new set of original artwork for sale in the online shop

This is the new version of the Bryan Talbot fanpage
But the whole of the original Bryan Talbot fanpage is still online

Welcome to the official website of Bryan Talbot: writer and artist of comics, graphic novels and illustrations

Saturday April 11th 2015 update

Bryan just sent over this image that he did for the Thanet consituency here in the upcoming UK general election.

Please feel free to download it as a high-resolution jpeg or as a PDF and print it and display it wherever you want!

Tuesday April 7th 2015 update

Mary Talbot's next graphic novel!

Bryan is currently halfway through drawing the artwork for the 116 pages of Mary's 3rd graphic novel. But what is it about? The pair have been keeping the subject matter of this book very close to their chests, only saying that it's a biography of a powerful, larger-than-life female historical figure. Bryan said "She's such an astounding character, we don't want anyone else quickly researching and knocking out a graphic novel on her before ours!" Due for publication in 2016, you'll have to wait until October to find out who she is, when Mary and Bryan will announcing the title during a presentation of the book at the Lakes International Comics Art Festival.

After finishing the artwork, Bryan will be immediately starting work on the 5th and final Grandville volume, which is already commissioned by publisher Jonathan Cape and fully scripted.

Friday April 2nd 2015 update

Mona Lisa Book Project

Bryan's illustration "Giaconda P.I." done in 2000 for the Dallas Uncommoncon and since featured on tee-shirts has been chosen as one of the images to appear in a collection of of Mona Lisa pastiches. Here's the blurb for the book:

Over 8 million people from all over the world flock to the Louvre every year for the opportunity to gaze upon Leonardo da Vinci's beguiling Renaissance masterpiece, La Gioconda, more popularly known as "Mona Lisa." For over 500 years, civilizations have exhaustively attempted to examine all facets of the famous artwork's creation, influence, mythology, heritage, and mystique.

But perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Mona Lisa's enduring legacy is the frequency with which this painting has been reinterpreted, parodied, appropriated, and imitated by other artists. No painting in history has been reproduced as often as Mona Lisa, and yet never before has there been published a collection such as Mona Lisa Reimagined, a captivating anthology of hundreds of pieces of art that have been inspired by this priceless world treasure. Featuring both established and emerging artists from over 50 different countries, this book is destined to become an essential addition to every bookshelf, coffee table, and library.

Official website:

Get Mona Lisa Reimagined from Amzon UK or from Amazon in the US

Tuesday March 24th 2015

I was re-reading the Dundee University review of Grandville: Noel and got thinking about it: overall it is an excellent review and one that I agree with wholeheartedly....

But I would say that wouldn't I, being Bryan's fanpage webmaster for 19 years now!

However (and you just knew there was a catch coming, didn't you...) there are a couple of mistakes that I feel impelled to point out. For a start, the Hitleresque character isn't a hawk, he's a gryphon, actually based on John Tenniel's gryphon from Alice in Wonderland and, if you look at him closely, he's not the caricature of Nigel Farrage that is hinted at, but of Nick Griffin. In fact, he's named as "Nicholas Gryphon".

The other is the praise of the colour flatters. Colour flatting is a boring mechanical procedure that choses different areas of the artwork - a coat, for example, or a table - and simply drops a flat colour in the space, leaving it up to Bryan to adjust the colour to his liking and render the texture, light and shade and effects to produced the finished art, which is basically a digital painting under linework.

Who should have been praised are illustrators Angus McKie, Alwyn Talbot and Jordan Smith (who also did some flats) who helped out with the actual painted colouring on some 27 pages, Bryan only finishing them off to keep a consistency of style with his own pages.

Monday March 23rd 2015 update:

Bryan emailed me to say that this is probably the best review he has ever received - and I might have to agree!

Dundee University Review of the Arts said about Grandville: Noel: "There are certain names which are automatically associated with quality, artisanship, and excellence: BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Harrods, and Harris Tweed for example. In the world of graphic novels, Bryan Talbot is quite simply the benchmark, the high watermark, the name amongst names for sheer unparalleled artistic and storytelling brilliance."

Sunday March 22nd 2015 update:

On Sunday 15th March, the final event of the Huddersfield Literature Festival showcased the first three completed pieces of music and dance of a work-in-progress: the dance / theatre adaptation of Dotter of Her Father's Eyes by composer Gary Lloyd and choreographer / performer Bettina Carpi. The extracts were scenes of Mary Talbot and her father, Lucia and James Joyce, and Lucia's incarceration in mental institutions (all partnered by the dancer Christopher Owen).

Expect to see this exciting project premiered sometime in 2016. Complete with interviews with Gary, Bettina, Christopher, Bryan and Mary, this was a pretty unique event for a lit fest. Bryan said "I can't wait to see the finished performance, complete with sets inspired by the graphic novel illustrations, and a live orchestra providing the music."

There is a full gallery of images from the event on the Bryan Talbot Facebook group.

Friday March 20th 2015 update:

Barcelona International Comic Fair - From April 16th to 19th, 2015

Bryan and Mary Talbot are guests at the Barcelona Comics Festival, now in its 33rd year. The Grandville Books are published in Spain by Astiberri Ediciones and Dotter of Her Father's Eyes and Sally Heathcote Suffragette are published by Ediciones La Cúpula. Bryan and Mary will be performing a Sally Heathcote presentation.

Saturday March 14 2015 update: the Sunderland Echo has an excellent piece on the Wonderlands Graphic Novel expo that Bryan is patron of: the expo will be on Saturday May 30 2015 - and full details are on the Expo's Facebook page and the Wonderlands site.

Also - Wonderlands has just finalised the schedule of who is appearing when!

Wednesday March 11th 2015 update:

Donate to Literacy through comics!

CLAw, The Comics Literacy Awareness charity that Bryan is one of the trustees of now has a "Donate" button on its website: please donate and help!

Bryan and Mary are doing several illustrated talks altogether on Sally Heathcote Suffragette, as part of the Read Regional 2015 campaign throughout Yorkshire and the North East:

  • Wallsend Customer First Centre
    25th March 1.30pm
  • Part of a World Book Night event at Teesside University
    23rd April 7pm
  • Skipton Library
    29th April 7.30pm
  • Part of the Crossing the Tees Book Festival, Stockton Central Library
    10th June 6pm
  • Newcastle City Library - book online.
    16th June 6.30pm
  • Consett Library
    23rd June 2pm

Sunday March 1st 2015 update:

Steve Bell announced as latest guest speaker for the U.K. Graphic Novel Expo

Steve joins growing list of speakers including Posy Simmonds, Dave Gibbons, Dylan Horrocks and the Talbots for the very first U.K. Graphic Novel Expo, taking place in Sunderland on Saturday 30th May at the City Space building of Sunderland University.

It's your chance to meet the top UK GN publishers from big names such as Jonathan Cape and SelfMadeHero to small press self-publishers. Entry to both the publishers' Hall and the schedule of talks and panel discussions is free. In the publishers' Hall, Woodrow Phoenix will be presenting his giant graphic novel She Lives and there will be workshops by Metaphrog and Bryan.

More details at the UK Graphic Novel Expo site.

Wednesday February 18th 2015 update:

Bryan and Mary are doing several illustrated talks altogether on Sally Heathcote Suffragette, as part of the Read Regional 2015 campaign throughout Yorkshire and the North East:

  • Part of an International Women's Day event at Hull Central Library
    7th March 3pm
  • Wallsend Customer First Centre
    25th March 1.30pm
  • Part of a World Book Night event at Teesside University
    23rd April 7pm
  • Skipton Library
    29th April 7.30pm
  • Part of the Crossing the Tees Book Festival, Stockton Central Library
    10th June 6pm
  • Newcastle City Library - book online.
    16th June 6.30pm
  • Consett Library
    23rd June 2pm

The Art of Alwyn Talbot

If you've never seen artwork by Bryan's youngest son Alwyn, here's a chance to check it out at the This Is Cool site and also at Alwyn's own site.

In 2011, Bryan and Alwyn collaborated on Caterpillars, a Judge Dredd strip for 2000AD, which you can see on the 2000ad Tumblr.

Alwyn also drew Preparation for Leadership, a 4-page strip for the political satire anthology CROSS, written by Mary Talbot. Download it from the Wounded Leaders site.

Sunday February 8th 2015 update:

Here's the cover to the German edition of Sally Heathcote, the Chinese edition of Dotter of her Fathers' Eye and the back cover to the Spanish edition of Sally published by Ediciones La Cúpula on the 27th February.

There are some sample pages from the Chinese edition of Dotter of her Father's Eyes over on Mary Talbot's site.

Thursday January 29th 2015 update:

The Guardian has published an excellent interview with Bryan, calling him the father of the English graphic novel.

Tuesday January 27th 2015 update:

Bryan just sent over the cover of the Spanish Edition of Sally Heathcote, published by Ediciones La Cúpula on the 27th February.

Also: UK fans - make sure you buy the Guardian this Saturday: there is an interview in there with Bryan, mainly about Grandville! I will post a link to it for non-UK fans as soon as possible. (although - don't forget: this is Super Bowl weekend: home of a long-standing weekend long booze-up with some old friends!)

Sunday January 25th 2015 update:

When I posted this image as part of last weeks update to publicise Bryan and Mary going to the Sunderland Comic Con on 21st & 22nd February it was one of those updates that Bryan sent over that I didn't really look at - just hurried up to get onto the site...

Which shows why you should always proof-read everything, as it is not plugging the Sunderland Comic Con but: Storytelling and Adaptation on Sunday March 15th at North Huddersfield Trust School! Also appearing with Bryan and Mary are choreographer Bettina Carpi and composer Gary Lloyd.

Down The Tubes reviewed Grandville: Noël - "Another rip-roaring adventure on one level, crammed with wonderful references and homage to other comic and literary characters, Grandville: Noël also addresses some deep philosophical issues"

Sunday January 18th 2015 update:

  • When Bryan first conceived of Grandville, there was a chance that it might be a monthly comic, and so Jordan Smith, Bryan's long-time collaborator and renowned steampunk artist thought that there might be a chance for him to be able to design and create the covers... - and so created these two gorgeous images to send to Bryan so he could see his ideas.
    Alas Grandville came out as an all-on-one graphic novel, but one of the great things about the web and running fanpages like this is the chance to showcase outstanding work that would otherwise never see the light of day.
    Catch up with Jordans work on Facebook, Twitter, and see his profile on the Steampunk Empire site and the Saatchi art site.
  • The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain reviews Grandville: Noel: "Regardless of whether you've discovered them before or are entirely new to the Grandville books, they are undoubtedly some of the most creative and exciting stories being created in British comics today and so deserve your attention."
  • Bryan also says to look out for Wonderlands - the U.K. Graphic Novel Expo, a one-off event, Sat 30th May, in Sunderland, free entry. Details to follow!
  • And finally: Bryan and Mary are guests at the Sunderland Comic Con, 21st & 22nd February. It will be held at: Seaburn Centre, Whitburn Road, Sunderland, SR6 8AA

Thursday January 8th 2015 update:

Monday January 5th 2015 update: obligatory "happy New Year everyone" - and "holy cow - have I really been running this fanpage for 18 years now?!" - here's where I announced the launch of the site, back in the days of newsgroups!

Anyway: Bryan sent over a short interview with Pádraig O'Méaloid about Grandville Noël, in which he talks a little about the fifth book.

Wednesday December 10th 2014 update:

Bryan has sent through a whole swathe of updates, so I am gonna have to rely on the ol' standby of a bullet-pointed list (sorry!)

  • Metronome, Bryan's 2008 critically-aclaimed experimental graphic novel, released under the pseudonym Veronique Tanaka, is now available digitally from Sequential for only $1.99 (about £1.25)
  • New Grandville interview with Teddy Jamieson of The Herald: "When you come down to it, you can't go wrong with a badger with guns."
  • Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet reviews Grandville: Noel: "as you read his books you can feel the thought and care that has gone into each panel, even slight touches  added with great deftness to achieve just the effect on the reader that is required "
  • Page 45 reviews Grandville: Noel: "by gum this is a clever and complex graphic novel, its subplots so intricately interwoven and the implications of its revelations even craftier than you might think."
  • Matt Farr at Ramblings of the Easily Distracted reviews Grandville: Noel: "If you're already a fan of Grandville this is, I suspect already a shoe-in to buy, and is certainly a worthy addition to the series. If you're not a fan of Grandville, then go get the first one, become a fan of Grandville, and work your way to this. Go on, do it now!"
  • Bookmunch reviews Grandville: Noel: "The only downside to having read the latest Grandville is that the satisfaction of reading is quickly replaced by the interminable anticipation of waiting for the next instalment"
  • Comic Bastards reviews Grandville: Noel: "Grandville: Noel is a work of art. It is what comics can really achieve when they try hard enough. It works on every possible level. It is a good story, has deeper ideas while being pulpy on the surface, and works as part four in a larger series of stories while being completely accessible for a new reader. I cannot recommend this comic enough."

Wednesday November 26th 2014 update:

Grandville: Noel launch party

Grandville: Noel was officially launched at an event at the Cartoon Museum in London yesterday, and in the interests of reporting all things Talbot-related, your intrepid webmaster endured the horrors of the English trains to go down there and help launch the fourth installment of DI LeBrocks adventures!

Also there was Lee Harris, who still runs the oldest headshop in London, Alchemy on the Portobello Road, and was Bryan's first ever publisher. I love meeting Lee: his immense pride at being able to help start Bryan on his career is obvious and beautiful, and it is very cool indeed that they are still friends to this day.

There's a few more photos like these on Bryans Facebook fanpage (to be honest uploading them to the Facebook group is a quick point and click: posting them here is more labourious!) and also check out the Cartoon Museum site: definitely worth a visit if you're ever in London!

Grandville: Noel is on sale now from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Also released today is Arkwright Integral: the best ever quality reprinting of the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright and the sequel: Heart of Empire. Get Arkwright Integral from Amazon UKor Amazon in the US.

Also, Metronome, Bryan's 2008 crtiticall-aclaimed experimental graphic novel, released under the pseudonym Veronique Tanaka, is now available digitally from Sequential for only $1.99 (about £1.25)

Monday November 24th 2014 update: check out Wayne's Comics Podcast with an outstanding interview with Bryan.

Wednesday November 19th 2014 update:

Monday November 10th 2014 update: On the 23rd October, Bryan, Mary and Kate Charlesworth were guests of the Chester Literary Festival. Here's a photo of them being interviewed on stage at the town hall by culture and arts commentator Mark Lawson (an aficionado of Dotter of Her Father's Eyes and Alice in Sunderland).

After the event was the usual signing session.

Oh - and did we mention that Grandville: Noel is released on November 27th in the UK and on November 18th in the US? - buy it now from from Amazon UK or Amazon US

Saturday October 25th 2014 update:

Lots of news snippets to publish today!

Sunday October 12th 2014 update

Bryan at the Lakes Festival

Although the screening of The Graphic Novel Man is now sold out, there are still tickets available for Bryan's career interview by Dr Mel Gibson on Sunday 19th October in the Brewery Arts Centre stage 1.

Tickets can be booked on the Festival site.

All of the older announcements of news and events have been moved to the old announcements page.