The Heart of Empire Directors Cut is on special offer - at just £3.00! This labour of love from Bryan and myself contains every single page of Heart of Empire in pencil, ink and final full colour format - as well as over 60,000 words of annotation, commentary and explanation from Bryan... - as well as the whole Adventures of Luther Arkwright!

Join the Facebook group for Bryan Talbot fans for lots of discussions and special offers announced on Facebook first.


The Bryan Talbot fanpage is also on Twitter - so give us a follow and join in the conversation!

Also see the Bryan Talbot t-shirt shop! - we've got a vast array of Bryan's images on lots of different t-shirts, as well as other items like mugs and fine art prints: - but if there's anything else you'd like just let us know on Twitter or at the Facebook group.

This is the only place you can buy original Bryan Talbot artwork - except from Bryan in person at a convention.

This is the new version of the Bryan Talbot fanpage
But the whole of the original Bryan Talbot fanpage is still online

Welcome to the official website of Bryan Talbot: writer and artist of comics, graphic novels and illustrations

Tuesday May 23rd 2017update:

The Lakes International Comics Festival has announced it's full program of events - with the launch of the last Grandville being amongst them!

Thursday 11th May 2017 update:

Mary Talbot has posted a blog on her and Bryan's recent visit to France and the 16th Arras Book Fair.

Monday May 1st 2017 update:

Page 4 of Grandville: Force Majeure

To cound down until the publication of Grandville: Force Majeure at the Lakes International Comics Festival in October we are publishing a new page each month: here is page 4.

Also see page 1, page 2 and page 3.

Sunday April 30th 2017 update:

The first campaign pack for the Adventures of Luther Arkwright roleplay game is now available: Parallel Lines

A Mythras Supplement for Luther Arkwright

At last, the eagerly awaited campaign pack for Luther Arkwright...

Join Valhalla's Mjollnir Section and take part in eight separate missions investigating planar anomalies and nefarious Disruptor schemes. How far has the Disruptor Knight known as Loki gone in his bid to bring about global war? What is the source of strange psychic emanations in the New England area? How can Kyland the Warlord be stopped before he destroys Aigues Mortes? What sinister forces are at work on the Trans-Siberian Express and the airship 'Empress Katerina'?

All these and more form the missions of Parallel Lines, taking the team from the New England swamps to a dystopian London, via post apocalyptic landscapes, industrial hells, an undersea arcology and an Edinburgh on the verge of revolution. Each mission is self contained but can thread together to form a vast campaign with recurring characters and villains.

The front cover artist is Brian Koschak.

So: join the war against the Disruptors; get your copy of Parallel Lines without delay!

172 pages, softcover, Print: $24.99 (with free PDF), PDF only $12.99. Order from:

Saturday April 29th 2017 update:

Bryan's tribute to Leo Baxendale in Grandville: Force Majeure

With the sad news of the death of Leo Baxendale, Bryan included this tribute to him in Grandville: Force Majeure.

The script for this panel was written about 5 years ago, the page penciled and inked about 18 months ago, and coloured in January, and it is a scene that takes place in Madame Tussaud's

See the full article over at the indespensible Down the Tubes.

Wednesday April 19th 2017 update:

The Talbots in France

Bryan and Mary are signing at the bookstore Cultura in Roubaix, near Lille on the afternoon of the 29th April and on the 1st of May, they are guests at the 16th Arras book fair, Coleres du present.

Saturday April 15th 2017 update:

Barcelona 2017

Mary Talbot has written up the tale of her and Bryan's visit to the Barcelon Comics Festival.

Friday April 14th 2014 update:

Wonderlands 2017

The Graphic Novel Expo returns, and the website is finally up! This year, it's on Saturday 3rd June, CitySpace building, Chester Road, Sunderland.

Free entry, as usual and a bunch of guests, including John Wagner, John Higgins, the Guardian's Martin Rowson, Hannah Berry and Jade Sarsen and, of course, Bryan and Mary.

Details at the Wonderlands site

Thursday April 13th 2017 update:

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is delighted to reveal top artist Michael Cho's artwork for this year's Festival in October.

Michael is of course best known for his Silver and Bronze age superhero comics aesthetics and his recent reprint collection covers which have wowed the comic art world and beyond. His own graphic novel, Shoplifter, was a New York Times best seller on release.

"We are proud that he has designed LICAF's 2017 artwork," says Festival Director Julie Tait.

Saturday April 8th 2017 update:

Red Virgin nominated for a Reuben Award

Bryan and Mary Talbot's The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia is one of the three nominations in the graphic novel section of the US's National Cartoonist's Society Reuben Awards, an annual event now in its 71st year. The Winners will be announced on May 27th at the NCS Reuben Awards dinner in Portland, Oregon.

Friday April 7th 2017 update:

Mary and Bryan Talbot on The Red Virgin in conversation with Charles Forsdick.

Recorded at the Francospheres of Resistance and Revolution conference, London University, 3rd April 2017. Also see a more in-depth write-up on Mary's blog.

Thursday April 6th 2017 update:

The countdown to Grandville: Force Majeure continues with page 3!

We are counting down to the publication of Grandville: Force Majeure at the Lakes International Comics Festival in October, with a new page published here each month.

Below is page 3: also see page 1 and page 2.

Tuesday March 30th 2017 update:

New original artwork for sale! - Torquemada, as seen in the recent 2000ad 40th anniversary special!

This has now been sold: sorry!

Tuesday March 21st 2017 update:

Upcoming signings and appearances:

  • 25th International Comic Fair in Barcelona
    Bryan and Mary are guests of the 35th Barcelona International Comic Fair – From March 30th to April 2nd, 2017. Luther Arkwright, Heart of Empire, Bad Rat and the Grandville books are published in Spain by Astiberri Books, the books he's worked on with Mary are published by Edicions La Cupula and they will be doing signings at the booths of both companies.

  • On the 3rd April they will be at the conference "Francosperes of Resistance and Revolution" at the University of London: at 16:15 they are in conversation with Charles Forsdick on The Red Virgin.

  • Signing at the bookstore Cultura in Roubaix, near Lille on the afternoon of the 29th April

  • 16th Arras book fair
    On the 1st of May, Bryan and Mary are guests at the 16th Arras book fair, Coleres du present

  • Bryan is a guest at the Pisa steamcon convention 23rd – 25th June.

I've also set up a Google Calendar with all of Bryan's events on it that you can subscribe to.

Monday March 6th 2017 update:

Bryan is giving his "Grandville and the Anthropomorphic Tradition" talk this Saturday in Newcastle

Bryan Talbot: comic artist and author

In this presentation, Bryan discusses his Grandville graphic novel series of steampunk detective thrillers and the venerable and ongoing tradition of anthropomorphic characters in illustration and comics from which they have grown, pointing out references to this tradition and 19th century art within the Grandville books themselves.

The steampunk exhibition, Fabricating Histories, is on at the museum until the 21st May and full details and tickets for Bryan's talk are on the Discovery Museum site.

  • Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4JA, (0191) 232 6789
  • Saturday 11th March 2017: 2:00 - 3:15pm
  • £2 booking fee

Thursday March 2nd 2017 update:

The countdown to Grandville: Force Majeure continues! - behold - page 2!

As promised we are publishing one new page from the new Grandville: Force Majeure graphic novel each month: below is page 2 - if you'd like to be reminded of what page 1 looks like first then it is still available to see here.

Grandville Force Majeure will be published in October 2017 and we are publishing 1 page per month right here on the fanpage.

Friday February 24th 2017 update:

Guests announced for the 5th Lakes International Comics Art Festival!

Taking place in various venues in the picturesque town of Kendal, Cumbria, 13th – 15th October, the guest list is positively stellar, with artists and writers converging on the festival from all over the world.

These include Sergio Aragones, Benoit Peeters, Brendan McCarthy, Charlie Adlard, Bruce Mutard , Hannah Berry, Duncan Fegrado, Michael Cho and Stan Sakai. And, of course, it is the venue for the launch of Bryan's Grandville Force Majeure, the fifth and last volume of the adventures of Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard.

See the full list over at the Lakes International Comics Art Festival guests page.

Thursday February 16th 2017 update:

The Badger is back!

A gang war rages as, wanted for murder, truly alone and outside the law, Detective Inspector LeBrock is on the run from both the police and gangster assassins, the victim of a diabolical scheme to annihilate himself and everyone he holds dear, engineered by mastermind crime lord Tiberius Koenig, one of the most despicable villains in the history of detective fiction.

A fiendishly ingenious story of love, tenacity, treachery and tragedy, this fifth, final and longest stand-alone volume of the Eisner and Hugo Award nominated Grandville series by master storyteller and graphic novel pioneer Bryan Talbot is a veritable roller coaster of a detective thriller, featuring Grandville's trademark fusion of high-octane excitement and humour, plus deduction on a Holmesian scale as we finally meet LeBrock's mentor, Stamford Hawksmoor, and discover LeBrock's untold backstory.

Fan favourite characters, Detective Sergeant Roderick Ratzi and LeBrock's vivacious fiancée, Parisian prostitute Billie, are joined by a new badger in town! Enter Tasso, an Italian badger who's bigger, meaner and uglier than LeBrock - but is he a force for good - or evil? A battle royale ensues as LeBrock fights against truly outrageous odds. How can he possibly survive?

Prepare to be royally badgered!

"I have greatly enjoyed the Grandville books. I think they're superbly designed, beautifully conceived, admirably written – everything about them is terrific. They really show what the form can do. A graphic novel built on the solid foundation of a strong story." - Philip Pullman

"Bryan Talbot has an infectious enthusiasm for the Graphic Novel form. I like writers and artists who surprise me. I open one of his books and I don't know what I'm going to get until I am there on the page. I love the fact that I can dive into the very beautiful, very lush, very colourful world of Grandville." - Ian Rankin

Grandville: Force Majeure will be launched at the Lakes International Comics Festival in Kendal, England on October 13th 2017.

The schedule hasn't been announced yet, so stay tuned for news about Grandville events at the festival, including a competition for the best costumes based on Grandville characters, with pages of Grandville artwork going to the winners.

Thursday February 10th 2017 update:

Remastered version of the Papist Affair

I have remastered the Papist Affair strip and reposted it - it is now at 1,000 pixels wide and it looks amazing!

This is the first ever appearance of Luther Arkwright in print: Bryan says: "This was an excuse to do a "ground-level" strip in line and water-colour wash and was directly inspired by the Jerry Cornelius stories of Michael Moorcock. After this, Arkwright took on his own personality and I developed his own milieu , but this was his very first appearance."

Wednesday February 9th 2017 update:

Lakes International Comic Art Festival won two awards at the Cumbria Life Culture Awards.

We're delighted to announce the Lakes International Comic Art Festival won two awards at the Cumbria Life Culture Awards this weekend.

Core team members Aileen McEoy and Carole Tait were among those on hand to collect the awards for Festival of the Year and another award, Event of the Year, for the world premiere performance of artist Dave McKean's Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash.

In all, there were 75 finalists for the second Cumbria Life Culture Awards announced at an event. Compered by radio personality Stuart Maconie at Theatre by the Lake, chosen to represent the best of Cumbrian culture.

LICAF was up against some amazing events and festivals in the categories, so we really are (as you might be able to tell) both giddy and proud to be part of key cultural events taking place in Cumbria.

In the style of all good award ceremonies, we would like to thank you, our amazing Festival goers; our incredible team at Festival HQ (we may be few in number but everyone works with such dedication and passion for the medium that is Comic Arts); and our volunteers, the Red T Squadron – without them we couldn't run the festival.

Plus, our amazing Patrons – Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Sean Phillips, Emma Vieceli, Boulet, Stephen Holland of Page 45 fame – our funders, local partnerships… so many others and all of those who come and visit the festival.The fifth Lakes International Comic Art Festival will run from 13th-15th October 2017, celebrating great comic art from across the world. The first announced guest for 2017 is MAD cartoonist Sergio Aragonés, who will be presenting the first ever NCS Sergio Aragonés International Award for Excellence in Comic Art.

The full guest list will be announced later this month.

The Festival's plans for next year also include special tributes to Will Eisner, creator of "The Spirit" and Tove Jansson, creator of "The Moomins".

Lakes International Comics Art Festival.

Tuesday February 7th 2017 update:

New printings by Ediciones La Cúpula

Mary and Bryan Talbot's Spanish publisher is publishing a new edition of Dotter of her Father's Eyes and their 5th edition of Sally Heathcote Suffragette, the winner of two major Spanish graphic novel awards. See more at the Ediciones La Cúpula site.

Wednesday February 1st 2017 update:

The countdown to Grandville: Force Majeure has begun! - behold - page 1!

As promised we are beginning the countdown to the publication of the last Grandville graphic novel - Grandville: Force Majeure - right now!

Grandville Force Majeure will be published in October 2017 and we will publish 1 page per month right here on the first of each month.

Wednesday January 25th 2017 update:

Slings and Arrows have just posted brand new reviews of all 4 Grandville books:

  • Grandville - "At some points the characters look deceivingly cuddly and cute before the story punches you in the guts and drags you along by the throat, Talbot’s solid storytelling driving the tale. There is far more to Grandville than just what you read in the dialogue or see in the foreground."

  • Grandville: Mon Amour - "After his introduction to Grandville, Bryan Talbot takes a much darker road for Mon Amour, exploring the steam-punk genre’s capacity as a setting for grimy thrillers both literary and artistic. He employs more frames per page in sporadic fashion, using swathes of glossy black shadows to create an eerie tension that simmers throughout the book. The detail is meticulous, the violence graphic and brutal, the environment claustrophobic."

  • Grandville: Bete Noire - "Artistically Talbot is also expanding, with even more action, angry crowds bristling with agitation, tempers flaring at arrogant statements,and rank upon rank of automatons menacing frightened and panicked observers."

  • Grandville: Noel - "Talbot’s narrative remains riveting even as he continues to explore new horizons for his creation... Grandville is a superbly written series that looks equally great. The smart, individually coloured and engraved hardcovers have both visual and tactile appeal, complimenting the work within."

Tuesday January 24th 2017 update:

Grandville and the Anthropomorphic Tradition

Bryan Talbot: comic artist and author

In this presentation, Bryan discusses his Grandville graphic novel series of steampunk detective thrillers and the venerable and ongoing tradition of anthropomorphic characters in illustration and comics from which they have grown, pointing out references to this tradition and 19th century art within the Grandville books themselves.

The steampunk exhibition, Fabricating Histories, is on at the museum until the 21st May and full details and tickets for Bryan's talk are on the Discovery Museum site.

  • Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4JA, (0191) 232 6789
  • Saturday 11th March 2017: 2:00 - 3:15pm
  • £2 booking fee

Thursday January 19th 2017 update:

The Cartoon Museum is hosting an exhibition celebrating 40 years of 2000AD.

Needless to say, Bryan has some work in there!

Monday January 16th 2017 update:

Prepare to be royally badgered!

Grandville Force Majeure will be published next October.

To whet your appetite for the 5th and last volume, 9 pages of the artwork will be exclusively previewed on this site! Starting on the 1st of February, the first 9 pages of the 164 page story will be posted right here, one a month until the book is released.

Friday January 13th 2017 update:

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia is in The Herald's best Graphic Novels of the Year list.

They say:
"This is an astonishingly ambitious work, using the story of French revolutionary feminist Louise Michel as a way to discuss ideas of utopia, the city and revolutionary action.

There is a remarkable level of craft on display here from both the author and her artist husband. "

Thursday January 12th 2017 update:

Ha! - you know you are doing SOMETHING right when the world-famous comic artist and author you run a fanpage for likes the new t-shirt design to the point where he's going to buy one!

Bryan emailed to ask me to add an image of the Grandville logo shirt to the site as they look so good.

Of course - it always helps if the source of the images you are putting onto t-shirts actually is a world-famous comic artist!

Tuesday January 10th 2017 update:

I've just revamped the Bryan Talbot t-shirt shop! - we've got a vast array of Bryan's images on lots of different t-shirts, as well as other items like mugs and fine art prints: - but if there's anything else you'd like just let us know on Twitter or at the Facebook group.

Almost any image of Bryan's can be added to any of their products.

Monday January 9th 2017 update:

The Return of Torquemada!

2000AD celebrates its 40th anniversary in February and Bryan was commissioned to produce a new full-page Torquemada illustration for the special birthday prog.

The original artwork will appear on this site's online shop shortly thereafter!

Wednesday January 4th 2017 update:

As is now traditional, it falls to me to say at New Year: "good grief - is it really 21 years I have been running the Bryan Talbot fanpage? - and yes: yes it is!

And now - an invitation to join us at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (or "LICAF") in 2017:

Apart from that there is not much news from Bryan: he says "sorry - I'm staying home and keeping my head down, colouring Grandville".

However - there is an interview with Mary at She Works.

Tuesday December 13th 2016 update:

Grandville Force Majeure Update

Bryan had now finished the pencils, inks and lettering on all 164 pages of the fifth and last volume.

All he has to do now is colour them! The publication date is October 2017. Prepare to be royally badgered!

Friday December 9th update:

Neil Gaiman's rarest works on sale for charity

The Humble Book Bundle gathers some of Gaiman's rarest and most sought-after works, including rare audio and video performances. You'll find short stories, essays, comics, including some by Bryan, music biography, poems, teleplays, prose fiction, and even lyrics and speeches.

Included are books published early in Gaiman's career, pieces from anthologies, titles with small print runs, or works which were never published at all. If it's in this bundle, chances are even a superfan has never read it! All profits will go the the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund and the UN Refugee Agency.

You can buy the whole package right here - or just the parts that interest you.

But hurry! The offer closes in less than 2 weeks.

Tuesday November 22nd 2016 update:

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has announced its online fund-raising art auction will begin on 23rd November 2016.

Included in this year's auction to raise funds for the Festival's 2017 activities is original artwork produced by no less than Bryan Lee O'Malley, Craig Thompson, Duncan Fegredo,Edmond Baudoin, Emma Vieceli, Hunt Emerson, Ian McQue, Jonathan Edwards,Jordi Bernet, Mick McMahon, Petteri Tikkanen, Sean Phillips, Stuart Immonen - and the guys from VIZ!

This year, the auction will take place online only, opening at 9.00am on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 on Proxibid.

The catalogue is live online right now.

Saturday November 19th 2016 update:

Upcoming events

Expocomic 16 - Madrid: Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th December 2016

Bryan will be signing at the Astiberri booth Saturday, 3rd from 16:00 to 17:00, Bryan and Mary at the convention booth, Saturday, 3rd from 17:30 to 19:00

Full details at the Expocomic 16 site.

Graphic Brighton – Conflict and Resolution Friday 9th – Saturday 10th December

Alex Fitch interviews Bryan and Mary Talbot on the graphic novels Sally Heathcote Suffragette and The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia Friday 9th, 5.30pm

This is a 2 day conference. Tickets: £70 (both days of conference) / £40 (concessions) / £10 (public events) – ticket sales and registration open now

Full conference tickets will include all talks, presentations and workshops on both days, while public tickets will only include talks by practitioners.

Full details at the Graphic Brighton site.

Sunday November 13th 2016 update:

Alice in Sunderland as a film poster by Alison Chin

The artist Alison Chin has designed 2 posters, imagining Alice in Sunderland as a movie: go check them out - they are just amazing!

Actor and artist Brian Gorman has written a cracking blog on the Lakes fest, which includes a great review of the Red Virgin talk that Bryan and Mary gave there.

Sunday November 6th 2016 update:

Bit of a mixed bag round-up of news today:

Wednesday October 26th 2016 update:

The Talbot World Tour!

Not exactly that, but Bryan and Mary have been travelling for most of the past month, promoting various foreign editions of their books. Mary has just posted a blog about it.


Grandville update

Now he's back, Bryan is pressing on with Grandville: Force Majeure. He's now pencilled and inked 154 pages, with only 10 more to go. Then he's got to colour it, but some preliminary colours have already been done by Alwyn Talbot, Jordan Smith and Angus McKie.


Coelifer Atlas

This 24 hour marathon comic, produced during and published by the Lakes International Comic Art Festival is available now.

Its aim is to raise awareness of the medical condition Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it has already raised £1000 for the charity OCD Action. Written by Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters, Bryan drew the first 2 pages and others were drawn by a variety of artists including Emma Viecelli, Charlie Adlard, Craig Thompson, Bruce Mutard and editor Dan Berry.

See the full story on the Coelifer Atlas and where to get it.

Tuesday October 25th 2016 update:

Sergio Aragones at the Lakes in 2017!

Veteran cartoonist Sergio Aragones is the first announced guest at the 5th Lakes International Comic Art Festival, 13 –15th October 2017.

It will also be the venue for the launch of Grandville Force Majeure, the long-awaited 5th, final and longest volume in Bryan's Grandville series, so you can look forward to a grand Grandville-themed event taking place there.

Saturday October 22nd 2016 update:

Louise Michel on Europe 1!

Here's a link to a great little review of Louise Michel, La Vierge Rouge (the title of the French edition of The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia) on french radio channel Europe 1. The item is around 5 minutes 20 seconds into the programme. The text of the review is reproduced there too. How good's your French? It says the book is by Bryan and Mary Talbot, "un couple britannique, des stars de la BD".

More French reviews from Bodie and Avoir Alire


4th Lakes International Comics Art Festival huge success!

LICAF 4 took place last weekend and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Guests this year included Craig Thomson (Blankets, Habibi), Bryan Lee O'Mally (Scott Pilgrim), Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd, Slaine), Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead), Duncan Fegrado (Hellboy), Gilbert Shelton (Freak Bros) and European masters of comic art Jordi Bernett and Edmond Baudoin. Other guests included founder patrons Bryan and Mary Talbot and Sean Philips. Attending was Dave Gibbons, to hand over the position of UK Comics Laureate to Charlie Adlard, and British and European comics legend, Jeff Hawke artist Sid Jordan.

There's a write-up on the festival here


Upcoming events


Sunday 13th November 2016 1pm
Mary and Bryan Talbot: The Red Virgin and The Vision of Utopia - Followed by Kate Evans on Red Rosa

Write Idea Festival
Idea Store Whitechapel - 321 Whitechapel Road - London E1 1BU
Free entry


Friday 9th – Saturday 10th December Schedule to be announced: Graphic Brighton – Conflict and Resolution
Alex Fitch interviews Bryan and Mary Talbot on the graphic novels Sally Heathcote Suffragette and The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia

This is a 2 day conference. Tickets: £70 (both days of conference) / £40 (concessions) / £10 (public events) – ticket sales and registration open now

Full conference tickets will include all talks, presentations and workshops on both days, while public tickets will only include talks by practitioners.

Sunday October 16th 2016 update

Talbot on the TV

The documentary, the Books That Made Britain was broadcast this Sunday on BBC1 at 3:45pm in the North East and Cumbria, where Bryan appears, talking about Alice in Sunderland, interviewed by Viz co-creator Chris Donald.

It is available on the iPlayer to watch now.

Sunday September 25th 2016 update:

"El Matrimonio Talbot" in Spain.

Here's Mary's blog about their recent visit to the Aviles Comics Festival.

Tuesday September 20th 2016 update:

Craig Thompson, Bryan Talbot, Emma Vieceli and other top creators to draw OCD Action charity comic at Lakes Festival

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has announced this year's special 24 Hour Marathon Comic project as part of this year's weekend-long event in October, featuring a stellar line up of talent that aims to raise awareness of the medical condition OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

All profits from the sale of this special comic will go to OCD Action alongside a percentage from other merchandise.

Monday September 19th 2016 update:

Lisa McKenzie reviews the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia over at the Times Higher Education:

"This gripping, unforgettable account of the life of Louise Michel, the 19th-century anarchist, utopian, poet and activist, is a true narrative, written by scholar and graphic novelist Mary Talbot with her husband Bryan, and a moving example of how a book can become an emotional experience as you turn each page.

Not all books can do this; I read hundreds of them and can honestly say that most academic books seldom have an emotional effect on me. The Red Virgin, though, did just that, and in addition is one of the most beautiful objects that I have ever had the pleasure to have in my hands."

Monday 12th September 2016 update:

Bryan and Mary are guests at the following events:

Wednesday September 7th 2016 update:

The Lakes International Comics Art Festival programme is now online!

And there's a new review of The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia in the Socialist Review

Monday August 30th 2016 update:

The panel on The Red Virgin and The Vision of Utopia at the Edinburgh Book Festival this weekend was very well-attended and the signing afterwards lasted for an hour and a quarter.

Here's Joe Gordon's write-up of the event.

Sunday August 14th 2016 update:

Foreign editions

The French edition of The Red Virgin is released in September from Editions Vuibert. Bryan recreated the woodcut-style title lettering for its French title: Louise Michel, La Vierge Rouge. In the UK, Louise Michel is almost unheard of. Apparently, in France, most people will recognise the name – there is a metro station and a Parisian square named after her – but she's still, on the whole, a mysterious revolutionary figure.

The Spanish Edition, La Virgen Roja, published by Ediciones La Cúpola, is out in October and the Portuguese edition of The Tale of One Bad Rat has just been published by Levoir. Grandville Mon Amour will shortly appear in the Czech Republic, Grandville Bête Noire and Grandville Noel in Serbia and Sally Heathcote in Sweden. This month also sees the 4th printing of the multiple-award winning Spanish edition of Sally Heathcote: Suffragista.

Edinburgh Book Festival

Bryan and Mary are guests at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where, on the 27th August at 12.30, they will be talking about The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia. Chaired by Joe Gordon.

Tuesday August 2nd 2016 update:

The Here I Stand: Stories that Speak for Freedom Amnesty International anthology is published this Thursday!

It is also the children's book of the week in the Sunday Times.

Wednesday July 20th update:

“Blankets” creator Craig Thompson joins 2016 Lakes International Comic Art Festival line-up

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (14th -16th October 2016) is pleased to confirm an appearance by one of the most critically-acclaimed cartoonists of his generation, award-winning author Craig Thompson, alongside current collaborator, the acclaimed French artist Edmond Baudoin.

Thompson is the writer and artist of the critically-acclaimed graphic novels Blankets (which has been published in 20 languages), Habibi, the New York Times best-selling graphic novel; Space Dumplins, launched last year, Good-bye, Chunky Rice and Carnet de Voyage. He has been awarded three Eisner awards, three Harvey awards, two Ignatz awards, and a Grammy nomination for album cover artwork on Menomena¹s Friend and Foe.

Monday July 18th 2016 update:

Here I Stand

Bryan and Mary Talbot, along with Sally Heathcote Suffragette co-creator Kate Charlesworth, have teamed up again to produce a 6-page strip, Deeds Not Words, for the new anthology Here I Stand. The strip concerns the real-life suffragette Lady Constance Lytton who, some may remember, had a brief cameo appearance in Sally Heathcote. Deeds Not Words is produced in the same style the creators employed for the graphic novel.

Here I Stand is a new anthology from Amnesty International, to be published by Walkers Books on 4th August 2016, £10.99

The thought-provoking collection brings together 25 leading writers and illustrators. Their stories and poems are poignant, challenging, heartbreaking, angry and haunting. They cover important and relevant issues likely to resonate with teenagers today, such as bullying, race hatred, child sex abuse, freedom of speech, identity and gang honour. All of them touch upon the importance of having the courage to speak up against injustice.

Other contributors include John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, poet Jackie Kay, Costa-winners Frances Hardinge and Christie Watson, Carnegie 2016 winner Sarah Crossan, Matt Haig, Neil Gaiman, AL Kennedy and imprisoned Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

"At a time when we are seeing a nightmarish surge in hate crimes, this anthology is, unfortunately, all too relevant" -Nicky Parker

Here I Stand is available from Amazon.

August events

Bryan and Mary are guests of the Preston Comic Con, Preston Guild Hall August 6th 2016

They will also be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where, on the 27th August at 12.30, they will be talking about The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia. Chaired by Joe Gordon.

Sunday July 3rd 2016 update:

First of all - has everyone seen Alwyn and Mary Talbot's Reflections and Raspberries? - some bitingly funny political satire, made all the more relevant by recent English politics...

Then we found a collection of reviews of Bryan's work on the Slings and Aroows site:

  • Heart of Empire: "This is immensely enjoyable adventure, beautifully drawn and uplifting."
  • The Tale of One Bad Rat: "Bryan Talbot’s approach to is quite unique, and intensely personal. He began by wanting to do a comic  set in the Lake District, but after reading books on child abuse knew that this would be the heart of his story. "
  • Alice in Sunderland: "a mythical tour de force... a stunning piece of artistry... There appear to be few topics in which he has little interest, yet this polymath approach never sinks into dry tedium. Here the shamanic and proselytising elements of his creative impulses take precedence, to deliver a gloriously meandering and self-referential project."

Monday June 20th 2016 update:

Grandville Force Majeure update

There are now 125 pages inked and around three dozen have been coloured by Alwyn Talbot, Angus McKie and Jordan Smith.

Bryan has yet to go over these to make them compatible with his usual Grandville colours.

Saturday June 18th 2016 update:

More British creators announced for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival!

Joining the already-impressive guest list that includes Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, Dave McKean, top Spanish artist Jordi Bernet and 2000AD's Mick McMahon will be artists Charlie Adlard, Rufus Dayglo and Duncan Fegredo; writer, artist and editor Ilya; and writers Leah Moore and John Reppion.

Bad Rat artwork on display

Kendal museum is hosting Beatrix Potter's Inspiring Legacy, an exhibition of artwork which inspired Beatrix Potter and artwork which has been inspired by her, while also exploring her scientific legacy as a fungi expert and sheep breeder. It includes 12 pages from The Tale of One Bad Rat.

Kendal Museum, Station Road, Kendal, LA9 6BT 01539 819957 [email protected]

And finally: see the excellent Down the Tubes photo review of the Wonderlands UK Graphic Novel Expo.

Wednesday June 8th 2016 update:

Great review of the Red Virgin by Bookmunch: "It’s a great story – if I can say that about an actual person’s life without being too reductive – and it would be hard to mess up. In the hands of the Talbots, it’s a work of consummate mastery."

Friday June 3rd 2016 update:

Bryan was filmed in his studio yesterday for a BBC documentary on writers and their books associated with places in the North East. Of course, they chose Alice in Sunderland as one of the books.

Bryan was interviewed by VIZ co-creator Chris Donald. The documentary is likely to be broadcast sometime in September or October on BBC1 in the North East and Cumbria.

Watch this space!

Tuesday May 24th 2016 update:

Wonderlands is this Saturday!

Wonderlands copmic expo

May 28th at the University of Sunderland: meet and hear Bryan, Doug Braithwaite and Steve Bell - and many more.

Full details at the Wonderlands comic expo site.

Monday May 16th 2016 update:

More reviews and updates on the launch of the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia:

Tuesday May 10th 2016 update:

The Talbots on the Beeb!

Bryan and Mary were on national BBC radio on Monday May 9th! Free Thinking on Radio 3 at 10:00pm and Front Row, Radio 4 at 7:15pm.

These appearances are now confirmed - and you can hear the shows on the links above as soon as they have been broadcast in the UK.

Also see:

Sunday May 1st 2016 update

Cracking review of the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia from Carl Doherty over at Shelf Abuse:
"The Red Virgin is possibly the Talbots’ most confident collaboration yet. This is one of those rare joint efforts to achieve that level of synergy between image and word usually only attained by lonesome creators handling every element of the process.

It’s difficult to imagine where each talent’s contributions begin and end, and quite frankly I’m happier not knowing."

Thursday April 28th 2016 update

The Great British Graphic Novel at the Cartoon Museum

See Mary Talbot's short report on the exhibition.

This includes some shots from the private view on April 19th, including photos of Posy Simmonds, Oscar Zarate, Nichola Streeten, Kate Evans and Kate Charlesworth.

Monday April 25th 2016 update

Bryan and Mary's events in May

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia – Powerpoint presentation and Q & A

Wednesday 4th May 6.30pm
The Cartoon Museum, 35 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2HH - 0207 5808155 - Free entry.

The Red Virgin and Red Rosa

Thursday 5th May 7.00pm
Mary and Bryan join Kate Evans to discuss these two graphic novels. Hosted by author and historian Alex Butterworth. See their site for ticket prices. House of Illustration, 2 Granary Square, King's Cross,London N1C 4BH

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia – Powerpoint presentation and Q & A

Friday 6th May 6pm
Waterstones, The Bridges, Sunderland SR1 3LB - 0191 567 4331 - Free entry.

Comix Creatrix – Women on the Cutting Edge of Comics - Panel discussion

Saturday 21st May  11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Mary joins Asia Alfasi, Kripa Joshi, Corinne Pearlman and Paul Gravett in the University of Bradford - Small Hall Tickets £6
(part of the Bradford Literature Festival).

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia – Powerpoint presentation and Q & A

Sunday, 22nd May 2016 | 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
University of Bradford - Small Hall. Tickets £6 from the Bradford Literature Festival site.
(part of the Bradford Literature Festival).

WONDERLANDS – The U.K. Graphic Novel Expo

Saturday 28th May 10am – 5pm
Mary and Bryan will be on various panels and be there to sign during the day. For more details see the Wonderlands site.

Saturday April 23rd 2016 update

  • Bryan has a few pages in the Great British Graphic Novel exhibition that's just opened at the Cartoon Museum, 35 Little Russell Street, WC1A 2HH and runs until July 24th. Here's a great review of it by James Bacon - "This is a phenomenal experience, it exceeded my expectations and I was blown away by the calibre of the artwork on display. The Cartoon Museum has amassed the finest examples of comic art, an incredible mix of exemplary work, providing a beautiful tapestry of the history and breadth of the greatest works from Britain for public consideration."
  • The British are leaders in graphic novels so why do we not take the art form more seriously? - an article at the Spectator site with a great namecheck for Bryan: "In the late Seventies and early Eighties, the British graphic novel really took off around the world, particularly in the works of Bryan Talbot."
  • The Sunderland Echo has: Sunderland husband and wife team release graphic novel - "Award-winning literary couple Mary and Bryan Talbot have joined forces again. The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia is the third collaboration for the husband and wife team."

Thursday April 7th 2016 update:

The legendary Lakes International Comics Festival - 14 to 16 October this year in Kendal in the Lake District - has created a trailer: check it out!

Bryan will be there this year - only fitting as he is a founding patron! - will you be there?

Tuesday April 5th 2016 update:

Grandville: Force Majeure page count update: Bryan has now inked 101 pages!

Thursday March 31st 2016 update:

Bryan Lee O'Malley confirmed for exclusive 2016 Lakes International Comic Art Festival appearance!

We're delighted to announce the addition of Bryan Lee O'Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim and the bestselling graphic novel, Seconds, to the 2016 Lakes International Comic Art Festival line-up.

Making an exclusive UK appearance at the event, Bryan will join previously-announced guests Joe Kelly and 2000AD's Mick McMahon for this year's Festival taking place in Kendal (14th-16th October).

Wednesday March 23rd 2016 update:

Check out this directors commentary on The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia - also as it happens one of the very first articles on the comic from the nice people at Forbidden Planet.

Wednesday March 16th 2016 update:

The Wonderlands Graphic Novel expo is back in Sunderland on Saturday May 28th!

Thursday March 10th 2016 update:

Advance copies of the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia available in York this weekend!

Not only are Bryan and Mary appearing this weekend at Travelling Man in York (54 Goodramgate, York, YO1 7LF from 2pm-3pm) and at the York Literary Festival later (4 - 6pm 12th March: Temple Hall, York St John University, Lord Mayor's Walk, York YO31 7EX) - but they have also confirmed that they will have 30 advance copies of the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia for sale! - it will have to be first come first served as demand will be high!

Also see the excellent review of the Red Virgin over on the Carabas site (in the Graphic Novel section)


Sally Heathcote wins second Spanish award

The Spanish edition of the book, Sally Heathcote, Sufragista, published by Ediciones La Cúpula, received the Splash award for Best Graphic Novel of 2015 at the Sagunt Comics Festival in February.

Wednesday March 2nd 2016 update:

Talbots in York in March

On the 12th March Bryan and Mary will be signing at Travelling Man, 54 Goodramgate, York, YO1 7LF from 2pm-3pm

There is a slight chance that advance copies of The Red Virgin may be available at the event.

This will be followed by an appearance at the The York Literary Festival, where they will be will be discussing their work, including their forthcoming graphic novel The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia: 4 - 6pm 12th March: Temple Hall, York St John University, Lord Mayor's Walk, York YO31 7EX

This will be followed by a signing.

Also see Mary's rather excellent write up of the York appearance!

Sunday February 21st 2016 update

Wonderlands returns!

Following the success of last year's Wonderlands: The U.K. Graphic Novel Expo, the Sunderland Music, Arts and Culture Trust have decided to make it an annual event. The one-day expo will be on Saturday 28th May at the Cityspace centre, Chester Road, Sunderland.

Entry is free, and exhibitors' tables are very cheap. Headline guests confirmed so far are Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell and ace superhero artist Doug Braithwaite. Bryan and Mary will be giving a presentation on their new graphic novel, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia and there will be a wide range of panel discussions, talks and workshops.

Watch this space for more details, but meanwhile, check out this short vid of last year's event.

Alice's Adventures in Comicland

To coincide with the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library, Bryan will join leading comics authority Paul Gravett and Manga artist Chie Kutsuwada on a panel discussion titled Alice's Adventures in Comicland.

Friday 26 February 2016, 18:30 - 20:00
Conference Centre, The British Library
96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

Full Price: £10.00, Senior 60+: £8.00, Student: £7.00, Registered Unemployed: £7.00, Under 18: £7.00, Friend of the BL: £7.00

Enquiries: +44 (0)1937 546546 and [email protected]

Monday February 8th 2016 update:

Bryan tells me Grandville: Force Majeure is now at 84 pages, pencilled and inked - almost exactly halfway through!

Monday February 1st 2016 update:

Another Grandville page up for Auction!

Flood-hit 2-Tone Comics of Hebden Bridge have started their ebay auction of artwork donated by comic creators, including a page of Grandville Bête Noire from Bryan and artwork by Gary Erskine, Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie and Jamie Delano.

Refused flood insurance, the independent comic store is struggling to get back on their feet so don't be shy people, make a bid!

Thursday January 28th 2016 update:

Lakes International Festival Comic Art Auction

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is to auction some fantastic pieces of original comic art in an effort to raise funds after the loss of thousands of pounds worth of giclees, prints, tables, books and other equipment in the devastating floods that hit Kendal last December. The art includes pages from The Tale of One Bad Rat, Heart of Empire and Grandville Mon Amour.

The Festival has been helping others in Kendal affected by the floods that wreaked havoc on the North West, joining Fanfare UK who donated 100 fleece blankets and sleeping bags with comic art on them to kids after the storms ­ but now need help to replace lost items.

Lakes International Comics Festival Comic Art Auction

The auction on eBay closes on Saturday 6th February 2016 at 5.00pm

Free postcards of the Red Virgin and Grandville: Force Majeure still available for fans!

I still have some of the Red Virgin and Grandville: Force Majeure postcards that Bryan and Mary sent to me, and so I am advertising the offer of free postcards to any fan who wants one!

  • if you are in the UK please email me and I will reply with the address to send a stamped self-addressed envelope: into which I will stuff (at least) 3 of each postcard

  • if you are not in the UK please send me £3.00 to cover post and packing and I will post out to you at least 3 of each postcard:

I have no idea why - but it's a really nice feeling posting these postcards out to fellow fans of Bryan and Mary!

Thursday January 14th 2016 update:

The Graphic Novel Man: the comics of Bryan Talbot DVD documentary is now available to buy online!

This is a true labour of love by fellow fans of Bryan's and is very well made, with a lot of very famous comic artists and authors talking about Bryan's work and how much if influenced them.

Price including shipping:

Tuesday January 5th 2016 update:

2016 marks the 20th year I have been honoured and privileged to run Bryan's fanpage!

The earliest post I can find where I announced the then new fanpage was in a comics news group (remember them?!) on November 1st 1996... - although I am morally certain I launched it the year before, I cannot find any concrete evidence of it. (The earliest mention of it at the Wayback Machine web archive is in April 1999, but at the time of writing the archive was not being loaded)

I don't know of any comic fanpages that have been in continuous operation this long... - heck I don't know of many websites full stop that have been run this long! It is something I continue to take an immense amount of pride in.

Here's to the next 20 years of amazing comics from Bryan!

Also in the news:

  • The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia in the Guardian 2016 Literary Calendar
    The Literary Calendar is the Guardian's annual listing of essential reading. Mary and Bryan's next book is the only graphic novel to be included. Unfortunately it's in the wrong month (June, not May) and is wrongly listed as fiction!

  • It's also listed in The Irish Times as one of the Books to look out for in 2016 - and they did get the category and the month right! Again, it's the only piece of sequential art.
    Wallace says: Husband-and-wife graphic novelists Bryan and Mary Talbot follow their Costa-winning study of Lucia Joyce (Dotter of Her Father¹s Eyes) with the equally offbeat The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia (Jonathan Cape, May). The subject is Louise Michel, an anarchist-feminist who fought on the barricades in 1871.

  • Also check out 24 amazing graphic novels to add to your reading list from Arlos House, which lists Arkwright in one of their top 24.

Sunday December 20th 2015 update:

Grandville Force Majeure update: Bryan has now inked 63 pages!

Forthcoming Events:

Tuesday December 1st 2015 update:

Papercutz republish Teknophage!

Bryan's work on the Tekno comics title is at last in print again, in one volume.

The Teknophage, a 65 million year old reptile, holds the keys to the universe. An immensely powerful being, Henry Phage has spent his lifetime as a conqueror, using his immense psychic powers and his ability to manipulate wormholes in order to take over planets and feed upon the suffering of those he has conquered, effectively making himself a god.

From The Phage Building, located on the planet Kahlighoul, The Teknophage plots and plans the expansion of his intergalactic empire. However, when he turns his sights towards Kahlighoul's sister planet, Earth, the Teknophage encounters a source of resistance that he did not expect ...

A sharp and incisive, satirical look at everything from class structure to Capitalism itself, Neil Gaiman's Teknophage was a prophetic look at a world where the 1% rule with an iron hand and the working class struggles to survive. Gaiman's outline combined with the insightful storytelling of comics masters Rick (Swamp Thing, Brat Pack, Our Army at Love) Veitch and Bryan Talbot (Alice in Sunderland, Luther Arkwright) creates a witty and engaging work that stands the test of time.

Collected in one volume for the first time ever, this handsome volume is a must have for Gaiman completists and fans of great comics storytelling in general.

Wednesday November 25th 2015 update:

Lee Harris who published Bryan's first ever comic is standing for Mayor of London on a legalise cannabis platform!

Thursday November 19th 2015 update:

Bryan has now inked up to page 51 of of Grandville: Force Majeure!

Detective Inspector LeBrock against badger culls!

Now's your chance to save some badgers. Bryan has donated a page of the original Grandville graphic novel to the Stop the Cull campaign and it is now up for auction on Ebay!

Sunday November 8h 2015 update:

The Lakes Festival Comics Art Auction

Bryan has donated 4 pieces of comic art, including the A2 illustration above that he did for the first festival in 2013, to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Grand Auction of Original Comic Art, which will take place live and online from London's Orbital Comics on 24th November.

The auction also features works by the likes of Ian Churchill, Charlie Adlard, Darwyn Cooke, Stuart Immonen, Steve Bell, Jeff Smith, Hunt Emerson, Dave Gibbons, Jamie Hewlett, Sean Phillips and Posy Simmonds.

The auction will be run by Jonathan Ross, side by side with Kendal's Tim Farron MP (and Lib Dem leader) and will help to raise funds for future Lakes International Comic Art Festival commissioned projects in advance of its annual weekend-long celebrations of all things comics, taking place in 2016 from 14th - 16th October.

Thursday November 5th 2015 update:

Bryan appeared on BBC Radio 4 today, talking about Lewis Caroll and Alice in Wonderland - and it's available to listen to at "Alice in Teeside"

Monday November 2nd 2015 update:

Sally wins graphic novel award!

The Spanish edition of Sally Heathcote, Suffragette has been awarded Best Graphic Novel of the Year by the Madrid Booksellers Association. The publishers, Ediciones La Cúpula, will be releasing their second edition in December.

The Jury said: "The main character of the story, the redhead Sally Heathcote, represents thousands of women who in the early twentieth century in the United Kingdom planned and launched a struggle for civil rights which were banned to them, including the right to vote, essential to achieve the right to equality."

Sunday November 1st 2015 update:

More free postcards of the Red Virgin and Grandville: Force Majeure available for fans!

Bryan and Mary have sent me over a fresh batch of the Red Virgin and Grandville: Force Majeure postcards, and so I can now re-open the offer:

  • if you are in the UK please email me and I will reply with the address to send a stamped self-addressed envelope: into which I will stuff 3 of each postcard

  • if you are not in the UK please send me £3.00 to cover post and packing and I will post out to you 3 of each postcard:

I have no idea why - but it's a really nice feeling posting these postcards out to fellow fans of Bryan and Mary!

Friday October 30th 2015 update:

Sunderland Literary Festival

Don't forget - on Saturday 31 October 2015, 1- 2pm, Mary and Bryan Talbot will be giving a presentation on Sally Heathcote , Suffragette at the City library, Fawcett Street: admission is free.


This is the reverse of the Grandville: Force Majeure postcard.

Wednesday October 28th 2015 update:

Who wants some free postcards of the Red Virgin and Grandville: Force Majeure?

Update: all of the postcards are now spoken for: sorry!

Tuesday October 27th 2015 update:

Bryan on the Beeb!

Bryan is one of the people interviewed for the one-off programme Alice in

It will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11am on 5th November.

Monday October 19th 2015 update

Announcing the new book from Bryan and Mary Talbot: the Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia!

Set against the background of violence and state repression in a turbulent period of French history, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia chronicles the incredible and outrageous life of Louise Michel, the revolutionary feminist dubbed "The Red Virgin of Montmartre". Louise was an extraordinary woman, but little known in the Anglophone world. A utopian dreamer, notorious anarchist, teacher, orator and poet, she was decades ahead of her time. Always a radical, she fights on the barricades defending the short-lived Paris Commune of 1871 against the reactionary regime that massacres thousands of French citizens after the Commune’s defeat. Deported to a penal colony on the other side of the Earth, she takes up the cause of the indigenous population against French colonial oppression.

Celebrating the utopian urge in 19th century literature and politics and the origins of science fiction, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia is the third collaboration of best-selling academic and graphic novel writer Mary M Talbot with her husband, the graphic novel pioneer Bryan Talbot. Their first book together, Dotter of her Father’s Eyes, won the 2012 Costa Biography Award.

Published by Jonathan Cape May 6th 2016.

Sunday October 18th 2015 update:

The Rap Guide To Religion... the title of the excellent rapper Baba Brinkman's new CD, based on his stage performances off-Broadway, at The Edinburgh Festival and other venues around the world. This is the back cover, based upon a panel from Grandville Noel.

Baba's previous CDs / performances include The Rap Canterbury Tales, Rapconteur, The Rap Guide to Evolution and the collaboration with rapper Dizraeli Mine the Gap (2012), for which Bryan illustrated the wraparound cover.

Sunday October 11th 2015 update:

Bryan says "at the moment I am inking pages 34 - 37 of Grandville Force Majuere" - with a publication date of October 2017.

Monday 28th September 2015 update:

LICAF is almost here!

It's only 3 weeks left to go before The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Britain's only European-style comics festival, takes over the town of Kendal in Cumbria. If you're attending and want to catch Bryan's Luther Arkwright interview with TV producer Peter Kessler, it would be wise to book now while tickets are still available. His presentation "How I Create a Graphic Novel" is already booked up. Here's a link to the full programme - check out the list of amazing events and book now!

Sunderland Literary Festival

On Saturday 31 October 2015, 1 - 2pm, Mary and Bryan Talbot will be giving a presentation on Sally Heathcote , Suffragette at the City library, Fawcett Street: admission is free.

Sunderland's bid for City of Culture 2021

Bryan has also been involved with Sunderland's bid for City of Culture 2021, organising the guests and events for last May's U.K. Graphic Novel Expo there and designing the 230-long metre long "Keel Line" for the city's new square. The bid's video debuted today.

The UK GN Expo will be taking place again in the centre of Sunderland next year.

Saturday August 22nd 2015 update:

Lots of Talbot-related news for you today!

  • The Grandville 5 page-count is now up to 16 pages inked - and the front cover!
  • Bryan and Mary will be at the Guernsey Literary Festival on Saturday 12 September 13:00-14:00 at the Guille-Allès Library, with "A life in Graphic Novels"
  • The Keel Line that Bryan drew will have its grand opening on August 31st: see the full article in the Sunderland Echo.
  • Bryan did this page for the final issue of Fables. This is the page sans lettering. It was coloured by Andrew Dalhous.
  • A fan of Bryan's got in touch to say that he had one of the iconic Luther Arkwright pieces of artwork - and to ask if we would like a high-resolution scan of it. Before it was used as a cover for the Dark Horse release, it appeared in the UKCAC (87?) con booklet and it was at that charity auction that it was purchased. Many thanks to Pete Venters: check out his blog at

Thursday August 20th 2015 update:

Grandville 5 latest news: Bryan has now completed 5 pages of inks!

Sunday August 9th update:

Wish You Were Here - Postcards from the Edge of Reality

Bill Morrison, Sean Phillips, the first comics laureate Dave Gibbons, Bryan Talbot, Jonathan Edwards, Steven Appleby and Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre have all provided artworks or a series of work titled "Wish You Were Here - Postcards from the Edge of Reality".

The leading illustrators have donated all the artwork to support the Festival, which is not for profit and the charity Comics Literary Awareness (CLAw). The original artwork will be auctioned in London later this year as part of a bigger auction of comic art. The proceeds from the postcard auction will go to CLAw - whose mission is to dramatically improve the literacy of children through the medium of comics and graphic novels.

Most of the artists will be attending The Lakes International Comic Art Festival - the only festival of its kind in the UK. Modeled on European-style festivals, it takes over the whole town of Kendal for a weekend with events, talks, cinema, live draws, exhibitions, a family zone, marketplace and the chance to see these leading comic creators at work.

The festival celebrates the whole spectrum of comic art, inspiring existing comic fans and generating new audiences and creators too. It invests in creators through a commissioning programme and has an emphasis on developing international collaborations.

Friday July 31st July 2015 update:

The Lakes International Comics Art Festival programme is now online!

Here is the fantastic list of guests and amazing programme items for the only European-style comics festival in the U.K., now in its third year and going from strength to strength;

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Bryan is one of the founding patrons of the festival and is directly involved in two events. He's presenting "How I create a Graphic Novel", 1pm Saturday 17th October, and will be discussing The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its place in comics history with writer and producer Peter Kessler, 12pm Sunday 18th October.

He's also specially created a label for "Chateau Grandville", the official festival wine, and one of the postcards in the special collectors' set produced by the festival to raise money for the charity Comics Literacy Awareness (CLAw).

Mary Talbot is another one of the three founding patrons, the third being artist Sean Phillips. She will be giving a presentation on her third Graphic novel, drawn by Bryan and still under wraps, at 10am on Saturday October 17th.

Friday July 17th 2015 update

Mary Talbot's 3rd graphic novel now finished!

This week, Bryan finished all the artwork, including the cover. The subject matter of the book is still under wraps though, but will be announced at the 3rd Lakes International Comic Art Festival in October. The book, to be published by Jonathan Cape, is scheduled for release in May 2016.

Their previous two collaborations, Dotter of Her Father's Eyes and Sally Heathcote Suffragette have been highly successful and critically acclaimed, the former winning the Costa Biography Award in 2012, the only time that a British graphic novel has won a major literary award.

Now Bryan is poised to start work on the artwork for the 5th and final volume in his Grandville series of anthropomorphic detective thrillers, the script of which was written three years ago. "I'm finishing Grandville with the best in the series" he says.

Also: Bryan and Mary will be interviewed on stage in Guernsey to correspond with the opening of the comic art exhibition The Art of the Graphic Novel: Adapted and Inspired

Saturday 12 September - 13:00-14:00 at the Guille-Allès Library | Ticket price: £6 / £4

The exhibition runs 12 - 21 September in the Guille-Allès Library

Sunday July 12th 2015 update

G-Man is an unpublished strip created by Pat Mills with artist Bryan Talbot. According to Bryan Talbot, G-Man was "one of the strips in a dummy magazine produced by Emap called Heroes, a rival to 2000AD".

Over on the Arch Deviant, Pat Mills illustratired bibliography you can find the whole strip: I published the cover to G-Man here some time ago.

Thursday June 18th 2015

Sally Heathcote at Consett Library

The last Sally Heathcote Suffragette presentation in Bryan and Mary Talbot's Read Regional tour is at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd June at Consett Public Library, County Durham. Entry is free.

Saturday June 13th 2015 update:

Introducing the granite comic strip!

The laying of the flags for the 1st phase of the new Sunderland city square is almost finished, Bryan designed the "Keel Line" running its length, a list of the ships built on the River Wear accompanied by illustrations telling the history of Sunderland.


Mary Talbot inspects the Keel Line. For the benefit of football fans, that's the Stadium of Light in the far background.








Every 15 flags, the rope border motif crosses alternatively left and right, creating the illustration areas. Here's an illustration of Washington Old Hall and George Washington's family crest, the origin of the stars and stripes, facing one of keelmen hauling coal up the Wear.





In the right background the series of hoardings is visible, showing the ship names and illustrations, with annotations.





The first Wear iron bridge and Sunderland hero Jack Crawford nailing Admiral Duncan's colours to the mast during the Battle of Camperdown, 1797. If you've read "Alice in Sunderland", you'll already be familiar with many of the subjects of the illustrations.



View of the square and Keel line looking north.







Some of the hoardings describing and explaining the Keel Line.

Thursday June 11th 2015 update:

Sally Heathcote in Newcastle!

Bryan and Mary Talbot's Read Regional tour of the North East continues at 6.30 – 8.00pm on Tuesday 16th of June with a presentation on Sally Heathcote Suffragette at Newcastle City Library, Charles Avison Building, 33, New Bridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8AX - 0191 2774149. Free entry.

Wonderlands – The U.K. Graphic Novel Expo

30th May 2015

The event, the first of its kind, was successful enough to encourage the organisers, the Sunderland Music, Arts and Culture Trust, to declare it an annual celebration of the form of comics-as-books.

A great example of Sod's Law, the fact that the very same day the Rugby World Cup, usually held somewhere else, was hosted by neighbouring Newcastle, resulting in all hotel rooms for a hundred miles being booked solid, kept the attendees down to just over 500, something which won't happen next year. Even so, these were 500 dedicated graphic novel readers who bought books, undiluted by people wanting to dress up or queue to get minor celebrities' autographs, so most publishers exhibiting went away pleased.

The MAC team have posted photos of the event on their website and there's a revue on Down The Tubes.

Sunday June 7th 2015 update

Check out this nicely balanced review of the digital version of the upcoming Luther Arkwright role-playing game from Geek Native.

Saturday May 30th 2015 update:

Book now for theThe Lakes International Comic Art Festival!

Though we've had comic conventions in the U.K., in hotels or convention centres for decades, LICAF is the only European-style comics festival in Britain, taking over the town of Kendal and involving the local community. Run along the lines of a literary festival, it's now in its third year. Tickets for all the events go on sale Monday 1st June. You can read all about this year's schedule and guests at As tickets sell out very quickly, we highly recommend that you book asap to avoid disappointment.

Also check out the Inky Fingers podcast with the first part of an interview with Bryan.

Thursday May 21st 2015 update:

Alice at the Cartoon Museum

15 July 18.30 - 19.30 £10 (Friends £8)

Bryan Talbot writer and artist of many graphic novels - including The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The Tale of One Bad Rat, Dotter of Her Father's Eyes, the Grandville series and Alice in Sunderland - will be in conversation with Brian Sibley, writer, broadcaster and President of the Lewis Carroll Society, talking about Alice and her creator and their adventures in Wonderland and beyond the Looking-glass.

The ticket price includes the chance to see the new ‘Alice in Cartoonland’ exhibition.

Buy tickets for "Alice from Wonderland to Sunderland" here.

The Cartoon Museum is at 35 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2HH or visit their site.

Sunday 17th May 2015 update:

Luther Arkwright role-playing game free preview available to download

The Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels game is almost ready for production - and we're delighted to offer you a free downloadable sneak preview of the book.

For many, Luther Arkwright needs little introduction, but for those unacquainted with him, Arkwright is the creation of writer and artist Bryan Talbot, and features in two sets of celebrated graphic novels. He is a multiverse-hopping psionic agent, battling the sinister Disruptors, and his adventures focus on an alternate Britain where Cromwell's descendants hold the country in the grip of tyranny while various imperial powers gather to challenge them.

In this RuneQuest supplement, players take on the role of Valhalla agents like Arkwright. Each character has at least one special power, and these are many and varied. But there's a downside: characters are also subject to certain dependencies, and may even be bordering on madness. The game includes many new rules for special traits, dependencies, psionics, sanity and even creating new parallel dimensions. The preview offers a taster of what the full book includes, and it really is a must-have for fans of Arkwright, Science Fiction, parallel worlds and, of course, RuneQuest 6.

Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels is a 184 page hardcover supplement, lavishly illustrated with artwork from the graphic novels, provided by Bryan Talbot: it will be available to purchase from the Design Mechanism very soon.

Thursday 14th May 2015 update

Counting down to Wonderlands

With just over two weeks to go, expectations for the U.K's first ever graphic novel expo are high. With a long list of guests that includes Posy Simmonds, Dave Gibbons, Hunt Emerson, Paul Gravett, Steve Bell and Dylan Horrocks, a full day of talks and panels on different aspects of the graphic novel form and an alternative schedule of workshops and master classes, this promises to be a unique event.

The publishers' hall, hosting a range of exhibitors and publishers from biggies to small press, the showing of the documentary The Graphic Novel Man, the giant graphic novel 'She Lives" being presented throughout the day by creator Woodrow Phoenix and a "how to" forum on self-publishing are all icing on the cake.

Being a one-day event means that attendees don't have to stop overnight and, to top it off, the whole event is FREE, even the panels and workshops, though booking in advance for the workshops, through the website, is advisable, as places are limited.

Schedule organizer, writer/artist Bryan Talbot, who's also one of the founders of the Lakes International Comics Art festival, said "For any lovers of the comics medium, or for artists in search of a publisher, thiswill be an unmissable event."

Wonderlands graphic novel expo site - and here is a PDF poster to advertise the expo.

Tuesday May 5th 2015 update

Paul Gravett has posted a one-minute interview he did with Bryan in December.

Tuesday April 28th 2015 update

Bryan and Mary's Read Regional tour continues tomorrow in Skipton

Bryan and Mary's Read Regional tour continues tomorrow, 29th April, with a gig at Skipton Library at 7.30pm. Here's a report on their appearance in Middlesborough last Thursday.

Last week they were guests at the Barcelona Festival. You can read about it on Mary's website.

Saturday April 25th 2015 update

Fame at last!

Would you believe that the latest issue of the Armstrong Siddeley Heritage Trust Journal features an article on Luther Arkwright's Armstrong Siddeley Royal Albert Vibro-Beamer! The feature includes a frame from the graphic novel, a photograph of the replica made by Termight Industries several years ago and the box label.

Also for what I think is the first time ever, a fan of Bryan's has written some fan-fiction set in the Grandville Universe! - so check out Le Dragon Rouge!

SaturdayApril 11th 2015 update

Bryan just sent over this image that he did for the Thanet consituency here in the upcoming UK general election.

Please feel free to download it as a high-resolution jpeg or as a PDF and print it and display it wherever you want!

Tuesday April 7th 2015 update

Mary Talbot's next graphic novel!

Bryan is currently halfway through drawing the artwork for the 116 pages of Mary's 3rd graphic novel. But what is it about? The pair have been keeping the subject matter of this book very close to their chests, only saying that it's a biography of a powerful, larger-than-life female historical figure. Bryan said "She's such an astounding character, we don't want anyone else quickly researching and knocking out a graphic novel on her before ours!" Due for publication in 2016, you'll have to wait until October to find out who she is, when Mary and Bryan will announcing the title during a presentation of the book at the Lakes International Comics Art Festival.

After finishing the artwork, Bryan will be immediately starting work on the 5th and final Grandville volume, which is already commissioned by publisher Jonathan Cape and fully scripted.

Friday April 2nd 2015 update

Mona Lisa Book Project

Bryan's illustration "Giaconda P.I." done in 2000 for the Dallas Uncommoncon and since featured on tee-shirts has been chosen as one of the images to appear in a collection of of Mona Lisa pastiches. Here's the blurb for the book:

Over 8 million people from all over the world flock to the Louvre every year for the opportunity to gaze upon Leonardo da Vinci's beguiling Renaissance masterpiece, La Gioconda, more popularly known as "Mona Lisa." For over 500 years, civilizations have exhaustively attempted to examine all facets of the famous artwork's creation, influence, mythology, heritage, and mystique.

But perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Mona Lisa's enduring legacy is the frequency with which this painting has been reinterpreted, parodied, appropriated, and imitated by other artists. No painting in history has been reproduced as often as Mona Lisa, and yet never before has there been published a collection such as Mona Lisa Reimagined, a captivating anthology of hundreds of pieces of art that have been inspired by this priceless world treasure. Featuring both established and emerging artists from over 50 different countries, this book is destined to become an essential addition to every bookshelf, coffee table, and library.

Official website:

Get Mona Lisa Reimagined from Amzon UK or from Amazon in the US

Tuesday March 24th 2015

I was re-reading the Dundee University review of Grandville: Noel and got thinking about it: overall it is an excellent review and one that I agree with wholeheartedly....

But I would say that wouldn't I, being Bryan's fanpage webmaster for 19 years now!

However (and you just knew there was a catch coming, didn't you...) there are a couple of mistakes that I feel impelled to point out. For a start, the Hitleresque character isn't a hawk, he's a gryphon, actually based on John Tenniel's gryphon from Alice in Wonderland and, if you look at him closely, he's not the caricature of Nigel Farrage that is hinted at, but of Nick Griffin. In fact, he's named as "Nicholas Gryphon".

The other is the praise of the colour flatters. Colour flatting is a boring mechanical procedure that choses different areas of the artwork - a coat, for example, or a table - and simply drops a flat colour in the space, leaving it up to Bryan to adjust the colour to his liking and render the texture, light and shade and effects to produced the finished art, which is basically a digital painting under linework.

Who should have been praised are illustrators Angus McKie, Alwyn Talbot and Jordan Smith (who also did some flats) who helped out with the actual painted colouring on some 27 pages, Bryan only finishing them off to keep a consistency of style with his own pages.

Monday March 23rd 2015 update:

Bryan emailed me to say that this is probably the best review he has ever received - and I might have to agree!

Dundee University Review of the Arts said about Grandville: Noel: "There are certain names which are automatically associated with quality, artisanship, and excellence: BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Harrods, and Harris Tweed for example. In the world of graphic novels, Bryan Talbot is quite simply the benchmark, the high watermark, the name amongst names for sheer unparalleled artistic and storytelling brilliance."

Sunday March 22nd 2015 update:

On Sunday 15th March, the final event of the Huddersfield Literature Festival showcased the first three completed pieces of music and dance of a work-in-progress: the dance / theatre adaptation of Dotter of Her Father's Eyes by composer Gary Lloyd and choreographer / performer Bettina Carpi. The extracts were scenes of Mary Talbot and her father, Lucia and James Joyce, and Lucia's incarceration in mental institutions (all partnered by the dancer Christopher Owen).

Expect to see this exciting project premiered sometime in 2016. Complete with interviews with Gary, Bettina, Christopher, Bryan and Mary, this was a pretty unique event for a lit fest. Bryan said "I can't wait to see the finished performance, complete with sets inspired by the graphic novel illustrations, and a live orchestra providing the music."

There is a full gallery of images from the event on the Bryan Talbot Facebook group.

Friday March 20th 2015 update:

Barcelona International Comic Fair - From April 16th to 19th, 2015

Bryan and Mary Talbot are guests at the Barcelona Comics Festival, now in its 33rd year. The Grandville Books are published in Spain by Astiberri Ediciones and Dotter of Her Father's Eyes and Sally Heathcote Suffragette are published by Ediciones La Cúpula. Bryan and Mary will be performing a Sally Heathcote presentation.

Saturday March 14 2015 update: the Sunderland Echo has an excellent piece on the Wonderlands Graphic Novel expo that Bryan is patron of: the expo will be on Saturday May 30 2015 - and full details are on the Expo's Facebook page and the Wonderlands site.

Also - Wonderlands has just finalised the schedule of who is appearing when!

Wednesday March 11th 2015 update:

Donate to Literacy through comics!

CLAw, The Comics Literacy Awareness charity that Bryan is one of the trustees of now has a "Donate" button on its website: please donate and help!

Bryan and Mary are doing several illustrated talks altogether on Sally Heathcote Suffragette, as part of the Read Regional 2015 campaign throughout Yorkshire and the North East:

  • Wallsend Customer First Centre
    25th March 1.30pm
  • Part of a World Book Night event at Teesside University
    23rd April 7pm
  • Skipton Library
    29th April 7.30pm
  • Part of the Crossing the Tees Book Festival, Stockton Central Library
    10th June 6pm
  • Newcastle City Library - book online.
    16th June 6.30pm
  • Consett Library
    23rd June 2pm

Sunday March 1st 2015 update:

Steve Bell announced as latest guest speaker for the U.K. Graphic Novel Expo

Steve joins growing list of speakers including Posy Simmonds, Dave Gibbons, Dylan Horrocks and the Talbots for the very first U.K. Graphic Novel Expo, taking place in Sunderland on Saturday 30th May at the City Space building of Sunderland University.

It's your chance to meet the top UK GN publishers from big names such as Jonathan Cape and SelfMadeHero to small press self-publishers. Entry to both the publishers' Hall and the schedule of talks and panel discussions is free. In the publishers' Hall, Woodrow Phoenix will be presenting his giant graphic novel She Lives and there will be workshops by Metaphrog and Bryan.

More details at the UK Graphic Novel Expo site.

Wednesday February 18th 2015 update:

Bryan and Mary are doing several illustrated talks altogether on Sally Heathcote Suffragette, as part of the Read Regional 2015 campaign throughout Yorkshire and the North East:

  • Part of an International Women's Day event at Hull Central Library
    7th March 3pm
  • Wallsend Customer First Centre
    25th March 1.30pm
  • Part of a World Book Night event at Teesside University
    23rd April 7pm
  • Skipton Library
    29th April 7.30pm
  • Part of the Crossing the Tees Book Festival, Stockton Central Library
    10th June 6pm
  • Newcastle City Library - book online.
    16th June 6.30pm
  • Consett Library
    23rd June 2pm

The Art of Alwyn Talbot

If you've never seen artwork by Bryan's youngest son Alwyn, here's a chance to check it out at the This Is Cool site and also at Alwyn's own site.

In 2011, Bryan and Alwyn collaborated on Caterpillars, a Judge Dredd strip for 2000AD, which you can see on the 2000ad Tumblr.

Alwyn also drew Preparation for Leadership, a 4-page strip for the political satire anthology CROSS, written by Mary Talbot. Download it from the Wounded Leaders site.

Sunday February 8th 2015 update:

Here's the cover to the German edition of Sally Heathcote, the Chinese edition of Dotter of her Fathers' Eye and the back cover to the Spanish edition of Sally published by Ediciones La Cúpula on the 27th February.

There are some sample pages from the Chinese edition of Dotter of her Father's Eyes over on Mary Talbot's site.

Thursday January 29th 2015 update:

The Guardian has published an excellent interview with Bryan, calling him the father of the English graphic novel.

Tuesday January 27th 2015 update:

Bryan just sent over the cover of the Spanish Edition of Sally Heathcote, published by Ediciones La Cúpula on the 27th February.

Also: UK fans - make sure you buy the Guardian this Saturday: there is an interview in there with Bryan, mainly about Grandville! I will post a link to it for non-UK fans as soon as possible. (although - don't forget: this is Super Bowl weekend: home of a long-standing weekend long booze-up with some old friends!)

Sunday January 25th 2015 update:

When I posted this image as part of last weeks update to publicise Bryan and Mary going to the Sunderland Comic Con on 21st & 22nd February it was one of those updates that Bryan sent over that I didn't really look at - just hurried up to get onto the site...

Which shows why you should always proof-read everything, as it is not plugging the Sunderland Comic Con but: Storytelling and Adaptation on Sunday March 15th at North Huddersfield Trust School! Also appearing with Bryan and Mary are choreographer Bettina Carpi and composer Gary Lloyd.

Down The Tubes reviewed Grandville: Noël - "Another rip-roaring adventure on one level, crammed with wonderful references and homage to other comic and literary characters, Grandville: Noël also addresses some deep philosophical issues"

Sunday January 18th 2015 update:

  • When Bryan first conceived of Grandville, there was a chance that it might be a monthly comic, and so Jordan Smith, Bryan's long-time collaborator and renowned steampunk artist thought that there might be a chance for him to be able to design and create the covers... - and so created these two gorgeous images to send to Bryan so he could see his ideas.
    Alas Grandville came out as an all-on-one graphic novel, but one of the great things about the web and running fanpages like this is the chance to showcase outstanding work that would otherwise never see the light of day.
    Catch up with Jordans work on Facebook, Twitter, and see his profile on the Steampunk Empire site and the Saatchi art site.
  • The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain reviews Grandville: Noel: "Regardless of whether you've discovered them before or are entirely new to the Grandville books, they are undoubtedly some of the most creative and exciting stories being created in British comics today and so deserve your attention."
  • Bryan also says to look out for Wonderlands - the U.K. Graphic Novel Expo, a one-off event, Sat 30th May, in Sunderland, free entry. Details to follow!
  • And finally: Bryan and Mary are guests at the Sunderland Comic Con, 21st & 22nd February. It will be held at: Seaburn Centre, Whitburn Road, Sunderland, SR6 8AA

Thursday January 8th 2015 update:

Monday January 5th 2015 update: obligatory "happy New Year everyone" - and "holy cow - have I really been running this fanpage for 18 years now?!" - here's where I announced the launch of the site, back in the days of newsgroups!

Anyway: Bryan sent over a short interview with Pádraig O'Méaloid about Grandville Noël, in which he talks a little about the fifth book.

Wednesday December 10th 2014 update:

Bryan has sent through a whole swathe of updates, so I am gonna have to rely on the ol' standby of a bullet-pointed list (sorry!)

  • Metronome, Bryan's 2008 critically-aclaimed experimental graphic novel, released under the pseudonym Veronique Tanaka, is now available digitally from Sequential for only $1.99 (about £1.25)
  • New Grandville interview with Teddy Jamieson of The Herald: "When you come down to it, you can't go wrong with a badger with guns."
  • Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet reviews Grandville: Noel: "as you read his books you can feel the thought and care that has gone into each panel, even slight touches  added with great deftness to achieve just the effect on the reader that is required "
  • Page 45 reviews Grandville: Noel: "by gum this is a clever and complex graphic novel, its subplots so intricately interwoven and the implications of its revelations even craftier than you might think."
  • Matt Farr at Ramblings of the Easily Distracted reviews Grandville: Noel: "If you're already a fan of Grandville this is, I suspect already a shoe-in to buy, and is certainly a worthy addition to the series. If you're not a fan of Grandville, then go get the first one, become a fan of Grandville, and work your way to this. Go on, do it now!"
  • Bookmunch reviews Grandville: Noel: "The only downside to having read the latest Grandville is that the satisfaction of reading is quickly replaced by the interminable anticipation of waiting for the next instalment"
  • Comic Bastards reviews Grandville: Noel: "Grandville: Noel is a work of art. It is what comics can really achieve when they try hard enough. It works on every possible level. It is a good story, has deeper ideas while being pulpy on the surface, and works as part four in a larger series of stories while being completely accessible for a new reader. I cannot recommend this comic enough."

Wednesday November 26th 2014 update:

Grandville: Noel launch party

Grandville: Noel was officially launched at an event at the Cartoon Museum in London yesterday, and in the interests of reporting all things Talbot-related, your intrepid webmaster endured the horrors of the English trains to go down there and help launch the fourth installment of DI LeBrocks adventures!

Also there was Lee Harris, who still runs the oldest headshop in London, Alchemy on the Portobello Road, and was Bryan's first ever publisher. I love meeting Lee: his immense pride at being able to help start Bryan on his career is obvious and beautiful, and it is very cool indeed that they are still friends to this day.

There's a few more photos like these on Bryans Facebook fanpage (to be honest uploading them to the Facebook group is a quick point and click: posting them here is more labourious!) and also check out the Cartoon Museum site: definitely worth a visit if you're ever in London!

Grandville: Noel is on sale now from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Also released today is Arkwright Integral: the best ever quality reprinting of the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright and the sequel: Heart of Empire. Get Arkwright Integral from Amazon UKor Amazon in the US.

Also, Metronome, Bryan's 2008 crtiticall-aclaimed experimental graphic novel, released under the pseudonym Veronique Tanaka, is now available digitally from Sequential for only $1.99 (about £1.25)

Monday November 24th 2014 update: check out Wayne's Comics Podcast with an outstanding interview with Bryan.

Wednesday November 19th 2014 update:

Monday November 10th 2014 update: On the 23rd October, Bryan, Mary and Kate Charlesworth were guests of the Chester Literary Festival. Here's a photo of them being interviewed on stage at the town hall by culture and arts commentator Mark Lawson (an aficionado of Dotter of Her Father's Eyes and Alice in Sunderland).

After the event was the usual signing session.

Oh - and did we mention that Grandville: Noel is released on November 27th in the UK and on November 18th in the US? - buy it now from from Amazon UK or Amazon US

Saturday October 25th 2014 update:

Lots of news snippets to publish today!

Sunday October 12th 2014 update

Bryan at the Lakes Festival

Although the screening of The Graphic Novel Man is now sold out, there are still tickets available for Bryan's career interview by Dr Mel Gibson on Sunday 19th October in the Brewery Arts Centre stage 1.

Tickets can be booked on the Festival site.

All of the older announcements of news and events have been moved to the old announcements page.