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The Graphic Novel Man: the comics of Bryan Talbot DVD documentary is now available to buy online!

This is a true labour of love by fellow fans of Bryan's and is very well made, with a lot of very famous comic artists and authors talking about Bryan's work and how much if influenced them.

Price including shipping:

Arkwright Integral

At last, a high quality ultimate A4 size hardback edition of the first flagship British Graphic Novel, together with the full colour sequel, Heart of Empire!

Now published, at 556 pages, this retails at $59.99, around £36, and is all of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of Empire in one volume. In addition, the Arkwright pages are digitally remastered from the original artwork and are the best quality versions of this art you will ever see!

Get Arkwright Integral from Amazon UKor Amazon in the US.

We've just opened the Bryan Talbot t-shirt shop! - at the moment we've just got the cover to Grandville: Bete Noire on some shirts: let us know on Twitter or at the Facebook group what other images you'd like.

Did you know that you can read the whole first chapter of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom online for free right now? Yup; this is such a complex concept to try and put across that we said "to hell with it; just put the whole first chapter up there; that way people can see exactly what it is and buy it if they like it and have their curiosity satisfied either way."

Grandville by Bryan Talbot available to read as a digital comic

Grandville is now available from Dark Horse as a digital comic!

Bryan has released a new set of original artwork for sale in the online shop

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Heart of Empire CD-Rom Second Edition

by Bryan Talbot and James Robertson

Buy the Heart of Empire CD-Rom as a download through Payloadz for just £4.00:

This CD-Rom contains the whole of the Heart of Empire graphic novel in its final printed full colour format together with every page in it’s penciled and inked forms - as well as the entire Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

Every full colour page is available in both standard resolution and very high resolution format.

The entire comic is readable in a normal linear fashion, but there are also links on every page to the penciled, inked and high resolution versions of each page – which are themselves readable in a standard linear fashion - as well as links to Bryan's annotations for each page: 60,000 words of detailed and entertaining commentary, where Bryan points out the inspirations, influences, references, symbolism and in-jokes underlying the whole graphic narrative.

Not sure if you'll enjoy it? - not a problem! - we have put the whole of Chapter One of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom online for free!

Go check it out and see if you like it: if you do then you can come back to this page and buy it; if you don't like it then you've avoided spending cash on something you wouldn't've enjoyed!

Why is this the "second edition"? - what's better in this one than in the first edition? Well, we're glad you asked! The first edition contained the entirety of the prequel to Heart of Empire, the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, but Bryan and myself were never 100% happy with the quality of the Arkwright scans. We added the comic on there for the sake of completeness but never really made a big deal of the fact that it was there.

We also were aware that rescanning the whole of Arkwright to the point of "digitally remastering" it would take about six months or so.... And then a fan who is also a publisher in the Czech Republic talked Bryan into lending him all of the original artwork to Arkwright and he literally spent six months doing nothing but scanning it in at massively high resolution. And so the second edition of the CD-Rom was born, with much better quality versions of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright at astoundingly good resolutions.

There are also brand new pieces of artwork, preparatory sketches and other illustrations showing where the inspiration for certain scenes were derived: such as the original Eighteenth Century Hogarth engraving that inspired the Bedlam sequence. In the annotations to the artwork, there are bawdy anecdotes, silly tirades and many mini-essays on related subjects as diverse as William Blake, English mythology, the sexual activities of Charles II, William Hogarth, Free Love, Catastrophe Theory, Magic Mushrooms, Pagan Festivals, The Golden Section, Orgone Energy, Subliminal Imagery, Famous Farters, Synchronicity and the Twenty-three Enigma.

A veritable treasure trove of entertaining and educational information! All this plus two interviews, biographies, a very user-friendly interface, a full index to all the annotations, a directory of all the front and back covers with commentaries, a directory of additional artwork and also the FULL “Adventures of Luther Arkwright” graphic novel. This is the “Directors Cut” of Heart of Empire: it shows exactly where Bryan got his ideas and references from and tells how he wove all of his influences together into the award winning graphic novel that is Heart of Empire.

If you want to try the CD-Rom before buying it then don't forget that you can read all of Chapter One online for free right now!

This free version includes everything in chapter one - all of the pencils and inks and final coloured pages - all of the annotations and additional illustrations, and all of Chapter One of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright too!

Buy the physical CD-Rom through PayPal for £12:

Or: buy as a download through Payloadz for just £4.00: