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Features: Interviews, articles and reviews

"Features" is a bit of a kludged-together title, but we were stuck for a better word to describe what we have got here: this section contains all text-based content about Bryan: every interview, article, review of a comic I could get my hands on is here

Interviews with Bryan

Please note: I have recently adopted a policy of importing the text content of interviews with Bryan onto this site. This is not to deny anyone's copyright over it: I always acknowledge where the interview came from, and will always link back to it and will never republish it here until it has been live on the original site for at least a month. And if you have an interview with Bryan then he's most likely made sure you are happy with this. The problem is - these links don't live very long... - in the 15 years I have been running this site (as of September 2009) I have seen great swathes of content disappear, due to sites folding, their maintainers moving on to new things, companies merging and so on. The truth is that content online is an ephemeral thing - and if I strive to be the best single online repository for content abut Bryan and his work then I need to republish the content here in order to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Introductions and afterwords by Bryan

Over the years Bryan has written many introductions to other people's work and I am adding them all to the site.