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Also see the Bryan Talbot t-shirt and merchandise shop! -we've got a vast array of Bryan's images on lots of different t-shorts, as well as other items like mugs and fine art prints: - but if there's anything else you'd like just let us know on Twitter or at the Facebook group- it's very quick and easy to put together a new item if people want it.we've just got the cover to Grandville: Bete Noire on some shirts: let us know on Twitter or at the Facebook group what other images you'd like.


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Did you know that you can read the whole first chapter of the Heart of Empire CD-Rom online for free right now? Yup; this is such a complex concept to try and put across that we said "to hell with it; just put the whole first chapter up there; that way people can see exactly what it is and buy it if they like it and have their curiosity satisfied either way."

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But the whole of the original Bryan Talbot fanpage is still online

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There are a couple of ways to interact with other fans of Bryans work: there's the Bryan Talbot Facebook group and I also Twitter on behalf of Bryan.