Grandville Force Majeure original art now on sale

Page 54 of Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Force Majeure original artwork is now available to buy.


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Bryan has released a new set of original artwork for sale in the online shop

The Heart of Empire Directors Cut contains all of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright - and all of Heart of Empire - plus every page of Heart of Empire in pencils, inks and final full colour version - and 60,000 words of Bryan's commentary: it's the Directors Cut of Heart of Empire - and, at £12.00 the cheapest way to buy both Heart of Empire and the Adventures of Luther Arkwright. Buy it now in the Bryan Talbot fanpage shop.

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Grandville by Bryan Talbot - official homepage

The official Grandville homepage

This is the official home on the web for Bryan Talbot's graphic novel Grandville and all of its sequels. Grandville is an anthropomorphic, steampunk, detective, noir thriller and is a masterpiece of comic storytelling and artwork.

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Reviews of Grandville:

  • From the Booktrust: "LeBrock, the stoic badger detective, is a strong lead character, almost unstoppable in his relentless quest to uncover crimes and pick apart conspiracies. The steampunk contraptions and industrial feel to the background bring this together in a strong package that, along with his previous book, make Bryan Talbot a graphic novelist akin to Daniel Clowes and Alan Moore."
  • My own review of Grandville: "This is an absolute delight to read and will keep fans of Talbot's work enthralled to the end. In fact if there is any justice it should bring in new fans of the whole anthropomorphic genre too."
  • A review of Grandville from the nice people at Bookmunch. Do you think they liked it?!
  • Bookmunch reviewed Grandville - "All told I have to say that Grandville ranks as possibly the most fun I’ve had with a graphic novel this year. If graphic novels are your bag, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend you track this down…"


Interviews with Bryan on Grandville:

The Grandville video trailer, created by Jordan Smith.

The Grandville launch party

Grandville was officially launched at the Cartoon Museum on Monday September 28th 2009; here's some photos from the event! Many people from the world of comics were in attendance, such as Oscar Zarate, Posy Simmonds, Joe Sacco, Garen Ewing, Mike Lake, Mark Stafford, Steve Marchant and Paul Peart. Also there was Bryan's first publisher, Lee Harris, the man who originally published Brainstorm Comics.

Bryan, Mary and Molly

Bryan with Mary and Molly Brown

Oscar, Mary and Roz

Artist Oscar Zarate, next to Bryan's wife Mary at the opening speech. In the background, wearing the black hat, is writer Roz Kaveny.

Rowland Emett machine

The Cartoon Museum is currently hosting an exhibition of the machines of Rowland Emett. Here's one in the foreground.

Also see Garen Ewing's review of the launch party.

Grandville preview image gallery

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Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard

Grandville is an anthropomorphic steampunk detective-thriller. This is the protagonist, Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard.





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