Grandville Force Majeure original art now on sale

Page 54 of Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Force Majeure original artwork is now available to buy.


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Bryan has released a new set of original artwork for sale in the online shop

The Heart of Empire Directors Cut contains all of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright - and all of Heart of Empire - plus every page of Heart of Empire in pencils, inks and final full colour version - and 60,000 words of Bryan's commentary: it's the Directors Cut of Heart of Empire - and, at £12.00 the cheapest way to buy both Heart of Empire and the Adventures of Luther Arkwright. Buy it now in the Bryan Talbot fanpage shop.

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Grandville by Bryan Talbot - official homepage

The official Grandville Force Majeure homepage

Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

This is the official home on the web for Bryan Talbot's graphic novel Grandville Force Majeure - the final graphic novel in the Grandville series.

The first 10 pages of Grandville Force Majeure - free to read
As a way of introducing people to Grandville Force Majeure we have got the first 10 pages here completly free to read. You might notice a break in the sequence from page 6 to page 9 and that's because pages 7 and 8 are the title pages.

Page 1 is below - or go straight to page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 9 and page 10.

Some reviews of Grandville Force Majeure:

Rich Johnston: Grandville Force Majeure is my favourite comic of 2017

The Slings and Arrows Graphic Novel Guide reviews Grandville Force Majeure: "Grandville Force Majeure is an excellent addition to perhaps the most visionary and consistently good series produced by any one creator for a very long time. Like its predecessors it is visually lush, well written, astoundingly imaginative and bloody good fun. If LeBrock does make a reappearance you’ll hear no complaints here."

Ian Rankin: "Wow! Force Majeure is astonishing - sumptuous art, a whole alternate universe made real, rollicking storytelling, lovely little details and puns and in-jokes/references. The best Grandville yet!!"

Juan Días Canales, Writer of Blacksad: "More than a furry steampunk uchronia, Grandville is a smart and brilliant view of the human past... and maybe of his future. It's the kind of graphic novel I love!"

Val McDermid: 'Welcome to Grandville -- vivid, vicious and visceral.'

The Star said: This is a thriller, but it has more twists and turns than a Paris back street and a density of storytelling that hearkens back to Talbot’s 1970s/80s masterwork The Adventures of Luther Arkwright. And as emotive as Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, which Talbot created with his wife Mary and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

Rachel Cooke in The Guardian says: Strongly recommended (and adored by me) is Grandville Force Majeure, the fifth and final book in Bryan Talbot’s magical series of stories about a steampunk badger detective, Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard. In this volume, our hero is on the run, the victim of a diabolical scheme to annihilate him by Tiberius Koenig, one of the greatest villains in all detective fiction.

Orbital Comics podcast interview with Bryan

The wonderful people over at Orbital Comics recently interviewed Bryan for their podcast.