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Grandville Force Majeure original artwork is now available to buy.


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Grandville by Bryan Talbot - official homepage

The official Grandville Mon Amour homepage

This is the official home on the web for Bryan Talbot's graphic novel Grandville Mon Amour. Grandville Mon Amour is the sequel to the first Grandville graphic novel.

Here we have collated all content relating to Grandville Mon Amour, and we also have the first 6 pages of Grandville: Mon Amour as a preview! Click here for page 1 of Grandville Mon Amour; page 2; page 3; page 4; page 5 and page 6.

Reviews of Grandville Mon Amour:

  • My own review of Grandville: Mon Amour: "Overall I give this an unhesitating recommendation: this is the kind of comic you want to buy for other people to introduce them to our beloved medium at the top of it's game"

  • Michael Moorcock reviews Grandville: Mon Amour at the Guardian: "he brings a rare subtlety, even beauty, to his medium. His drawing is first class and his dialogue superb, adding credibility to his characterisation while moving the story along at a laconic lick."

  • review: "With a range of new and fascinating characters and a mix of Holmesian deduction, knowing humour and edge of the seat action, Grandville Mon Amour continues the vein of high-octane adventure begun in the first volume. Can even LeBrock escape the past or do heroes have feet of clay?"

  • review: "The thriller here is great - proving yet again Talbot could have been a wordsmith alone if he hadn't turned out so great on the drawing board - and the pace, energy and darkness of the plotting are all exemplary."

  • review: "The series is a great idea and the book is brilliant, sumptuously drawn and exceedingly pleasing in its pay-offs, of violent set pieces, deductions, investigations, twists and chase sequences. The pace never relents."

  • review: "But it’s the melting pot of all this that works. A bizarre world full of humanoid animals that give every page, every panel a rich untold history. I’m left with far more questions than answers, but this is a thriller which never takes the easy or predictable way out ."

  • The Hi-Ex review: "You know, it would have been enough if the story was merely passable. This is because the art is somewhere on the other side of exquisite."

  • The Comic Fanzine: "the sense of place is superb, steampunk touches flavouring the Victorian look, everywhere from streets to railway stations to brothels coming alive. Bryan is of course a comics veteran by now, and his storytelling is impeccable, controlling pace with immense skill and care, telling us nearly everything with the visuals."

  • The Independent: "Talbot plays with colour, angle and perspective just as gleefully as with the facts of history. The look of Belle Epoque Paris merges with the naughty-nineties London of Whistler, Wilde and Conan Doyle."

  • Bookmunch: "Talbot is so deft at weaving together his skein of plots, and small hints and tips litter the book pointing out how things will go (the background detail littered with joys and pleasures that anoint second and third readings of the book and indeed second and third readings of the first Grandville book too), that you hardly notice how efficiently you are taken from plot twist to revelation to plot twist to revelation. "

  • Grandville: Mon Amour - "After his introduction to Grandville, Bryan Talbot takes a much darker road for Mon Amour, exploring the steam-punk genreā€™s capacity as a setting for grimy thrillers both literary and artistic. He employs more frames per page in sporadic fashion, using swathes of glossy black shadows to create an eerie tension that simmers throughout the book. The detail is meticulous, the violence graphic and brutal, the environment claustrophobic."

Other Grandville Mon Amour related posts:

Jordan Smith created a video trailer for Grandville: Mon Amour!

Bryan's publishers - Jonathon Cape - have just published the catalogue entry for the Grandville sequel: Grandville Mon Amour:

The Badger is back! Set three weeks after the finale of Grandville, Grandville Mon Amour pits Detective Inspector Archie LeBrock of Scotland Yard against an old adversary and ruthless urban guerrilla, Edward “Mad Dog” Mastock, - a psychotic serial killer whose shocking escape from his execution by guillotine at the Tower of London begins this fast-paced, Hitchcockian steampunk thriller.

LeBrock, still racked by remorse for his failure to prevent the death of “the Divine Sarah” and working outside the law after resigning his post following a blazing row with his superior officer, embarks on a quest to redeem himself by tracking down Mastock and bringing to an end his horrific murder spree. Aided by his adjunct and old friend, Detective Roderick Ratzi, he follows the trail of carnage to Paris.

Otherwise known as Grandville, it’s the largest city in a world dominated by France, a city used to violence following the years of terrorist bombings by the extreme fanatic wing of the British resistance during the occupation, the notorious Angry Brigade, of which Mastock was the sadistic leading light. With his customary tenacity, LeBrock stalks his prey through a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, an underclass of humans and automaton robots where advanced steam technology powers everything from hansom cabs to iron flying machines. It’s a trail that leads to the demimonde of Parisian prostitution and an atrocity perpetrated twenty-three years ago. With a range of new and fascinating characters and a mix of Holmesian deduction, knowing humour and edge of the seat action, Grandville Mon Amour continues the vein of high-octane adventure begun in the first volume. Can even LeBrock escape the past or do heroes have feet of clay? Follow the badger!