Grandville Force Majeure original art now on sale

Page 54 of Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Force Majeure original artwork is now available to buy.

Buy the Heart of Empire Directors Cut

This labour of love from Bryan and myself contains every single page of Heart of Empire in pencil, ink and final full colour format - as well as over 60,000 words of annotation, commentary and explanation from Bryan... - as well as the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright!

Or see the Heart of Empire Directors Cut page for more details.

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This is the only place you can buy original Bryan Talbot artwork - except from Bryan in person at a convention.

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Links to other sites of interest

As ever, the heart of the success of the web is links: so - here is my collection of links to other sites that might be of interest. It's therefore a pretty personal and eclectic collection, but hey - it's my site so I get to add what I want!

I check these links frequently, but they do go to other sites over which I have no control, so if any are duds let me know. Also, none of these links will open in new windows; why? - cos' we HATES new windows! If you would like a link from this page then contact me and let me know first where you have linked to this site from...

Bryan’s wife Mary, scripter of Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, now has a website. You can see some sample pages from Dotter there:

Bryan (very nicely) asked me why I didn't have a link to Marv Wolfman's site: because you never asked me! - was the reply.

Mark Stafford has his own page at

Check out Al Davison's site over at Astral Gypsy: Al's personal story is amazing - and so is his art: check it out!

One of the nicest things about running a site like this is the fact that people occasionaly get in touch and ask you to look at their stuff. Sometimes it can be a bit dire - but every now and then you get a real gem: into this category falls Ian Stacey's stuff; check it out at; in particular look at his cartoons.

Angus McKie has got his own site up and online at last: check it out! He is the colourist who did such outstanding work on Heart of Empire, Teknophage and Shadowdeath.

As ever, I firmly subscribe to the "it's my ball and if I don't get to play with it then I am taking it home" school of web design, and so I am going to take this chance to link to my personal blog of: James Robertson: online marketing expert.

Warren Ellis has written a review of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright at the Artbomb site that I urge you to go away and read right now. Warren also gave an interview where he replied to the question:

Q: A strange end. Right now, alien spaceships appear from nowhere obscuring the sky of your town. There is no time, you have to run and leave your home. Can take with you only 3 comics, 3 music CDs, 3 movies, 3 novels. Which ones, and why, are you going to save from destruction?

A: From Hell [by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell], The Adventures of Luther Arkwright [by Bryan Talbot], Alec: The King Canute Crowd [by Eddie Campbell]. The latter two are huge influences, the former is Alan's masterpiece...

[see the original interview in full at the Ultrazone site]

An old favourite comic of mine has reappeared: check out Thrud the Barbarian, and go to your local comic retailer and demand that they stock it! Incidentally, the author, Carl Critchlow used to attend a class that was taught by Bryan!

Check out the Wizards Keep: the online lair of Tim Perkins.