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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Bryan Talbot fanpage emporium

The Bryan Talbot Fanpage Online Shop:
the original Luther Arkwright roleplaying game


We have finally been able to source some stocks of the long out of print Luther Arkwright roleplaying game, and we can now offer it for sale right here from the site!

The price is a mere £20, which includes all postage and packing, anywhere in the world!

This role playing game is a complete labour of love by another long-term fan of Bryan's - James Brunton. Originally published in 1992 it contains an immense amount of background information on Luther and his worlds and allows you to set up and play your own adventures in the Arkwright Multiverse!

Sorry: this item is temporarily out of stock.


The game creates it's own unique system, so you do not need any other game to play the Arkwright RPG - it is a standalone. Conversely, the ideas, characters and scenarios presented in it are easily adaptable to any other game system. And as you would expect, the artwork is just wonderful, as it is all Bryan's!

Special offer! - buy the Luther Arkwright roleplaying game and the Heart of Empire CD-Rom at the same time for only £30 - saving £10 - and also get a copy of the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1992 fanzine free! This fanzine contains a print version of the first ever Luther Arkwright strip to be printed - the Papist Affair - and a whole lot more never published anywhere else material on Luther and his multiverse!


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