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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

Jose's response to the Internet Magazine Review


This is what a Jose de Leon - a regular visitor to the site - had to say about the review of the site in the Internet Magazine - well, specifically, what Ed Preedy said in his little box at the bottom left hand corner of the page....



Congratulations on the Internet Magazine writeup. I'd have to agree with just about everything that was said in the article... *except* for what that person at Loudnoose mouthed off...

- I absolutely love the fact that you've stayed away from junk like Javascript, and that you seem to have kept to the 'best viewed with any browser' mantra. Javascript to me has too many liabilities for little substantial and useful benefit -- it seems to me to be a nice language to play 'tricks' with, but I've never seen anything useful done in Javascript that could be done with smart design (and you've certainly followed smart design!)

"There's a lot of information here, so I'd advise on enlarging the text and *reducing the content*" -- WHAT???? I can set the font size in my browser, thank you... but REDUCING THE CONTENT??? WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! I come to this site because I want to find out *everything I possibly can* about Bryan Talbot. If anything I always want *more* content! This statement by Loudmoose Man is totally ludicrous... what part of "official fan site" doesn't he get??

The absolute best part of your site is it's simple, accessible design... it encourages a visitor to come back, and when they do come back they can find everything, whether old or new, from just about any spot on the site. I think it goes without saying that you should keep up the fine work, but there! I said it anyway! Your status as the official fan site is certainly well earned. Continued good fortune to you....

Jose de Leon


I must say a public "thank you" to Jose for saying such nice things about what I am trying to do with this site, and also "thank you" again for articulating what I also thought about what Ed said....

If anyone else want's to get in on the debate, then just let me know.

- James


If anyone wants to join in the debate on this then don't forget the new bulletin board is now active and waiting for your opinion!

For more articles on Bryan and his work then you could do worse than stopping by the articles homepage where I have accumulated together all of the links to anything textual on the site.


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