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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

The Bryan Talbot Gallery Guide


Bryan Talbot is a master storyteller who uses the comic artform to tell his stories. As such, to tell the world about his work, I have created a lot of galleries in order to show it off to the widest possible audience and there are three different ways to get to each image:

  • Firstly there are the thumbnail galleries: (see below) these are pages of small, low resolution images that are themed where possible, and provide a good idea of what you will get when you click on the link.
  • Secondly, there are what I have called the text galleries: (see below) these are text only descriptions of the images, together with a link to the page with the image.
  • And finally there is the Image Navigator page, consisting only of links to the image pages - on it there is a link to every image on the site: I created this after watching how people really used the site, and observing that many of them simply wanted to look at each image, one after the other.
  • Bryan suggested that I add to the site a list of all of the complete strips that are on it, and the strip listing is the result.

The Thumbnail Galleries

Thumbnail Gallery One: a random mix of artwork, including Victoria Arkwright-Stuart - Luther's daughter, and one of the first images authorised by Bryan to be released from the sequel to The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
Thumbnail Gallery Two: another eclectic mix of images, including Frank Fazakerly, Ace Wilmslow, Chester Hackenbush and the Battle of London "Old Masters" style painting.
Thumbnail Gallery Three: more quality images, including Nemesis, Helen Potter and One Bad Rat.
The Luther Arkwright Cover Gallery: a collection of all of the covers of the Valkyrie press edition of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
The One Bad Rat Cover Gallery: a collection of the covers of the Dark Horse edition of One Bad Rat.
The Dark Horse Arkwright covers gallery: these are the covers to the Dark Horse editions of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
The Nazz Gallery: all of the covers from the Nazz limited edition series.
Thumbnail Gallery Four: containing the strip where Neil Gaiman gives an honest answer to the question of "where do you get you ideas...."
The Teknophage: Shadowdeath cover gallery: with all of the covers from the Shadowdeath series that Bryan drew.
The new The Papist Affair Thumbnail Gallery contains the complete and unabridged first ever appearance of Luther in print...
Heart of Empire gallery one, gallery two, gallery three and gallery four: all of the images from Heart of Empire, the sequel to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
The favourite scenes gallery, containing some of my favourite images from Bryans work.
The Lake District thumbnail gallery, with real photos taken when I was in the Lake District, compared to the drawn images by Bryan of those same locations.
Thumbnail gallery five has just been finished, with more images by Bryan - including one of that famous guy Morpheus...
Thumbnail Gallery Six, fulfilling another long held ambition of mine, that of getting online For A Few Gallons More, one of the rare, extra appearances of Luther.
Thumbnail Gallery Seven: the images that have been requested by readers as part of the auction of Bryan's artwork.
Thumbnail Gallery Eight: additional images that have been requested in the auction of artwork.
Thumbnail Gallery Nine: still more images from the auction of artwork.
Thumbnail Gallery Ten: another unusual mix of images of Bryan's work.
Thumbnail Gallery Eleven: more images from Bryan's work over the years.
The Memento Gallery: an entire online comic, with no speech in it at all, first published in 2000ad.
Thumbnail Gallery Twelve: including many images from the Nobilis roleplaying game.
The Wallpaper Gallery: an ongoing re-issuing of the best images on the site in wallpaper format.
The Cannabis Conspiracy: Bryan's tirade against the venal, self-serving politicians and businessmen who campaigned to make cannabis illegal simp0ly because it increased their profits.
Thumbnail Gallery Thirteen: more new images, the recent on the site at the time of writing.
Thumbnail Gallery Fourteen: even newer stuff, since gallery thirteen got too small!
Thumbnail Gallery Fifteen: arguably the overflow of gallery fourteen...
Thumbnail Gallery Sixteen: - the latest images on the site after gallery fifteen grew too big.
Thumbnail Gallery Seventeen: yet more quality images from Bryan!
The photos from the party for the Italian launch of Heart of Empire have also got their own page.
Fan Art gallery: pictures of Bryan's characters sent in by other fans.
Thumbnail Gallery Eighteen: another new gallery!
Thumbnail Gallery Nineteen; the newest gallery on the site.

The Text Galleries:

The Text Gallery 1, Text Gallery 2, Textgallery 3, Textgallery 4, Textgallery 5: and Textgallery 6 these pages have no thumbnails (for speed of downloading) - simply a text description of each image - and every picture is accessible from here. The image page navigator has plain text links to every single image on the site, but no descriptions at all.

If anyone has any requests for images that they would specifically like to see in the galleries then let me know, and I shall put them up ASAP!

The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot