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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

Welcome to the site to
2000ad webring visitors


This is a page specifically created to welcome visitors to the site from the 2000ad webring: greetings and Borag Thungg! On this page is an introduction to what is on the Bryan Talbot fanpage, together with some links to stuff on the site that I hope you'll find interesting.

First up: the major sections of the site: the galleries has got a link to all of the artwork of Bryan's that is on the site; biographies has Bryan's life in comics, index is a comprehensive list of everything here, news is what Bryan is up to at the moment, what's new details the most recent additions to the site, articles is a catch all title which contains all text based information and articles about Bryan and his work, links contains links to other sites you might find interesting (I know I did!), characters is a guide to the major characters Bryan has created, FAQ is a list of the major questions I get asked about frequently, and email is - unsurprisingly - the way to contact me via email.

Bryan has drawn both Judge Dredd and Nemesis: check out his version of Thoth, and he's also drawn a lot of Nemesis and the ABC Warriors: check out the Garden of Alien Delights, Nemesis Book 3, page 18, Book 4 page 44 and page 45, page 64 and page 65. Finally there is a small image of Nemesis drawn specifically for a convention. Also, check out Bryan's montage of characters he's drawn over the years.

And, for the true 2000AD fan, check out the only known depiction of Judge Fear's face.

Whilst you are here, can I tempt you with a selection of complete, online comics? - Firstly there is the Papist Affair. This introduced the character of Luther Arkwright, one of Bryan's best-known creations. There's also an Honest Answer, drawn by Bryan and scripted by Neil Gaiman, and Memento, first published in 2000AD itself! Then there is the two pager of Evolution, and also the two pager Celtic Warrior. Then there is the Fire Opal of Set, a two page comic created by Bryan for the old Imgine magazine to support an RPG scenario. Finally, we have got For A Few Gallons More, a rare extra appearance of Luther in another complete online comic.
Check back frequently, because the site is updated at least every two weeks, and if there is any other info about Bryan and his work that you need just contact me!
The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot