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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Adventures of Luther Arkwright homepage

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright: the movie


This page is currently the home to all rumours and news about the possible Adventures of Luther Arkwright movie... if and when the movie gets made then it will be the official homepage for the movie!

First of all; Empire Magazine published the following

Yes, it’s another comic book adaptation. Expect plenty more before the week is out. Production company Benderspink is bringing The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright to the screen. Created by Bryan Talbot, the award-grabbing series follows our hero, a man with psychokinetic abilities who can travel to parallel worlds. He’s charged with a mission by agents from peaceful parallel world zero-zero: journey to a battle-scarred alternate reality where a despotic British Empire reigns supreme and stop evil forces who are trying to destroy the multiple realities.

Originally birthed by Talbot in 1978, it took him more than 12 years to finish the story, with a sequel published in 1999. There’s no writer or director attached yet.
See the original article on the Empire site.


The Down the Tubes site said

20/7/06, updated 24/7/06: Several studios have announced new comics-related film projects in the run up to the San Diego ComicCon, including Will Eisner's The Spirit - directed by Frank Miller - Doom Patrol and Deadman.
Alongside these comes news that the long-awaited Adventures of Luther Arkwright movie, originally announced some time ago, is getting closer to being made.

Hollywood Reporter reports that New Line company Benderspink -- producers of the Oscar-nominated A History of Violence, based on a graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke -- is teaming with Australian producers Andrew Prowse and Sophie Patrick to produce the film based on the award-winning comic book series written and illustrated by Bryan Talbot -- and Britain's first ever graphic novel.

First created in 1978, described by fellow comics creator Garth Ennis as "one of the all-time great epics of the medium", Arkwright story took Talbot more than 12 years to complete, first serialised in various comics and magazines in England before being wrapped up in a series of comics published by Valkyrie Press. A sequel, Heart of Empire, was published in 1999 by Dark Horse. Audio drama company Big Finish have also adapted the story, starring Doctor Who's David Tennant as Luther Arkwright.
Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, Prowse -- whose credits include Farscape -- and Patrick will produce the adaptation with Brian Spink serving in a producer capacity. Benderspink are also developing comic projects including Power and Glory and Y: The Last Man.

"I’m not really involved in the project at the moment though when/if it goes into production, they want me on the production design side," Bryan told downthetubes. "The first script Koukou [who have regularly renewed their option on the story] sent me was really naff. It began with Arkwright married to Princess Anne – and made him a Christian to boot! The writer had reworked the story that much it was crammed with great gaping plot holes.
"I spent a long time constructing the story and if you start pulling out sections of it, changing or inserting new bits and so forth, it totally destroys the elaborate structure and the internal logic," Bryan expands. "Anyway, everybody agreed it was pants so they gave the writer the boot and began again from scratch, this time sticking as close as possible to the original and it’s a very good adaptation."

Luther Arkwright possesses psychokinetic abilities that allow him to travel across parallel worlds. Recruited by agents from a harmonious parallel known as "zero-zero" he is sent to a war-torn alternate reality where a dictatorial British Empire is still in power, ordered to draw out malignant forces bent on destroying the Multiverse.

"Both Arkwright and the doomsday device, Firefrost are unique – existing on only one parallel at any one time," Bryan explains. "It's one reason why Arkwright can enter different worlds. In my original story, the parallels are exactly that – different facets of existence. In the first version of the film script, the writer decided to educate the viewers by having Arkwright explain parallel world theory to Harry Fairfax. The theory he expounds is the quantum mechanics based concept of every single moment forking to produce different temporal alternatives.

"I had to point out to the producers that this would mean that there would be millions of Arkwrights running around after millions of Firefrosts, making a nonsense of the whole story. As I said before, I’d thought the story through. This writer didn’t."

Bryan is hopeful that if the film finally gets made it will mean a new edition of the original book, "using the new digitally remastered files from the Czech edition."

And is there any chance David Tennant might play Luther, as he has in the Big Finish audio plays?

"It would be nice, wouldn't it?" Bryan replies. Perhaps in a parallel universe..
See the original article on the Down the Tubes site.


Also, the Adventures of Luther Arkwright is now available to
read as a webcomic from this very website

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