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Page 1 of Borderliners:
Ceremony Of Innocence


(why no compare it with the actual page one of Arkwright from the online Arkwright webcomic free pages...)

Brian said to me in his email: "I first heard of Bryan in the late 80s, and picked up all the Valkyrie Arkwrights in 1990 - I was totally blown away, and even found myself drawing in a similar style (and, boy, does it take time and effort!! All that cross-hatching!). Then, to my amazement, a friend of mine told me he actually KNEW Bryan, and gave me his address. I also discovered that we were both born in Wigan, and even attended the same college (at different times). I met Bryan at the Preston SFG in 1990, and had some fantastic times attending the regular meets, staying at Bryan and Mary's with the likes of Ian Banks, Steve Gallagher, John Coulthart, etc. Then I moved to Chester, and now Manchester. Bryan's always been a big influence on me, and I feel pretty privileged at having been in his studio to record a video interview with him in 1994 (with 'One Bad Rat' on his drawing board). I also did an interview with Bryan for The Liverpool Daily Post in 1999 which resulted in a full page splash, complete with a large print of an image from 'Heart of Empire'. "

Check out Brian Gorman's own site.

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