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This is an image Bryan calls "Follower".

I don't know why, but I just love werewolves in stories and comics.. they are just primeval and raw.. and I prefer the "healthy, natural" look of werewolves - like those in the Werewolf game from White Wolf - than the stringy-haired, slightly ill looking ones from - say - Dog Soldiers. This is NOT to say that Dog Soldiers is not a cracking movie... far from it: any film that has an English squaddie squaring up to a werewolf and belting him one in the face whilst bellowing "come on then!" is just fine with me!!

So, a long time ago I asked Bryan if he had ever drawn any werewolves, and he got that far away look in his eyes, by which you could tell something was happening - and a week later this little gem of an image appeared in my inbox....

Follower is a novel by Stephen Gallagher. Steve commissioned this illo from
Bryan as the cover to a movie proposal in 1983. Steve (who has a cameo in Luther Arkwright and posed as the salesman in The Tale of One Bad Rat for which he also wrote theintroduction) is the author of several best selling thrillers, such as Red,
Red Robin
, Downriver and Chimera, and TV shows such as October, Bugs, Murder Rooms and Dr Who). See

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