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Czech edition of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright


The Adventures of Luther Arkwright has just been published in the Czech Republic by Comics Centrum. This is an astounding edition and the best ever produced. At a masive 35cm x 24cm, the hardback weighs 2 kilos and is a sumptuous labour of love.

The publisher, Vaclav Dort, has digitally remastered all the artwork and, at long last, all the tonal pages are printed properly

In the past, light areas have bleached out or dark ones filled in but now all the detail is fully visible for the first time. Add to this a wealth of extra features, including articles, sketches, Bayeau Tapestry endpapers, all the covers of the Valkyrie and Dark Horse editions and a specially written introduction by Bryan and you have the definitive edition. If only it was in English!

What you can't see here is that the title lettering is in gold.
Comics Centrum will be publishing Heart of Empire next year, followed by The Tale of One Bad Rat. The first French edition of ARKWRIGHT is published this month by Kymera Comics. This is a trade paperback but uses the new digitally remastered artwork and also has a host of extra features. For anyone looking to buy this comic, it's full details are: format:
235 x 340 mm (92,5 x 134 inches) in hard cover
number of pages: 288
translation: Dana Krejcova
ISBN: 80-86839-05-2
EAN: 978-80-86839-05-9
price: 999,- CZK (40 USD)
Publisher: Comics Centrum

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