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The huge airships are the most favoured method of luxury travel on this variation, and the Colossus is the newest and most luxurious of all. When the players arrive at the airport, their passports will be checked without a problem (characters without a passport will be able to obtain one from Rose Wylde before they leave). They will be shown to their cabins, which are the best money can buy, and told that dinner will be served shortly after take off.

Other than the players, there are only ten other passengers. The GM should feel free to design any NPCs that he feels are required, either for now or for future adventures (such as the scientist who believes in other parallels and is working on a machine to contact them, or the African prince who believes that he has found the elephants graveyard and is travelling in order to find money for his venture...etc). The only man who should be included is Heinrich Holst, a small thin man with wire rimmed glasses. At some point during the week long flight to Petrograd Holst will approach one of the players who is using the identity of one of the assassins. In an attempt to be casual, he will say "The seeds of Winter will soon be harvested." The reply he is awaiting is: "And the fruits will be enjoyed by all." This will take a very successful mind probe to discover, but the GM should have a little fun here as the PCs try to play the spy game. If they get it right Holst will give them a package. If they get ot wrong then Holst will make his excuses and leave. If they get it right without Psionics then either someone has read your module or their luck is running so high that I would immediately run down to Ladbrokes and place an enormous bet on the next race at Doncaster. The small package contains another identification document, this time in Russian, and an address in Petrograd, again with a time (22:00hrs) written on the back.

For those players who got it wrong, do not despair! That night at exactly 12:30pm Holst will pick the lock on the door and shoot him in his bed (remember the prediction!) Again Holst will not let himself be taken alive and will use his "death wish" ability if pressed. A search of his room will reveal little of interest except the package.


Role Player Independent February 1993
LUTHER ARKWRIGHT c Bryan Talbot 1990