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The players will arrive on parallel 20.38.56. inside a tomb in Highgate cemetery. The GM should describe the inky blackness, the cold, musty air and (should someone light a match) being surrounded by decaying coffins! The darkness will be broken by a sudden crack of light as someone opens the large metal door, and as the players move forward they will see Rose Wylde standing in the doorway. She will introduce herself and quickly lead the players out of the cemetary and into the busy street. If any of the players ask about the cemetery, she will say that it has always been a place of ghostly sightings and a favourite "haunt" of witches and such like. Zero-Zero discovered that it was an area where the barriers between the parallels was thin and hence it was ideal for use in transferring agents to this variation. Rose will take the players to a safe house near the cemetery where the players will be given some food, period clothing and if they desire, a .38 Webley Pistol (a revolver that was a great favourite with the British Army at this time). She will tell the players anything they wish to know about the history of this parallel and GMs should feel free to adapt this to suit themselves so long as the end product does not upset the basic concept of a British Empire survival variation. Rose will then tell the players the following:

"Our agents have checked the Prime Ministers schedule for tomorrow and as far as we can see the only time he will be vulnerable will be when he leaves for lunch with a cabinet colleague. We have mapped the route and the most likely spot for an ambush will be as the cab passes the entrance to Hyde Park. Lloyd George will be travelling in a horse drawn Hansom Cab and will be accompanied by one colleague and his driver. He leaves the Houses of Parliament at 12:30 and so he is expected to pass the entrance within half an hour. You should be in position by 12:30 tomorrow in order to sight any possible assassins and eliminate them."

The journey to Hyde Park the next day will be uneventful. When the players arrive they will find the road busy with carriages and pedestrians alike. At 12:20 two men dressed in working clothes will begin to clean the windows of the houses opposite the entrance. At 12:23, two gentlemen with top hats and overcoats will come out of the park and stand just outside the entrance talking. At 12:25 two young ladies will come out of the park and stand at the roadside waiting to cross. At 12:26, earlier than expected, a hansom cab bearing the coat of arms of the Houses of Parliament rounds the corner and proceeds towards the entrance.

If the players use psionic talents to discover who the Disruptor agents are, a mind probe with success rating of 'C' or above will reveal the assassins. Players will have to mind probe all of their suspects individually to obtain this information. A successful role of less than 'C' will only reveal that the fact the two men in top hats are very nervous, but a similar result will be obtained from the young ladies as they are on their way to a job interview.

As the hansom cab comes parallel to the entrance to the park, the two men in top hats will rush forward, pulling out pistols. The driver of the cab will be shot in the first round and as the horses bolts one of the men will jump onto the side of the cab and will try to shoot the occupants. The GM should play this out in normal combat rounds and hopefully the players should quickly dispatch the nasty disruptor agents. Whatever the outcome, the disruptors will not allow themselves to be taken alive and so to this end they have been implanted with the 'death wish' ability.


Str: 35; Dex: 50; Db: 0; Int: 30
Skills: Dodge 45; Jump 60; Fist 60;
End: 40; RR: 01; Act: 5; Wil: 40; Grapple 40;
Handgun 65; Psi: 30

Equipment: .38 revolver with full mag. The only other item of interest is a wallet containing 20 and a small calling card with a printed address on it. On the back of the card is handwritten '13:00 sharp'.

Lloyd George will thank his rescuers whole-heartedly and, if the players tell him their names, they may well end up in the paper the next day as Heroes of the Empire, with a gallantry medal to be picked up from Buckingham Palace at their convenience.


Role Player Independent February 1993
LUTHER ARKWRIGHT c Bryan Talbot 1990