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Rasputin is a Disruptor Knight. Raised to be such he was introduced to the Tsarina Alexandra in 1973 by the Tsarina's spiritual advisor Father John of Constadt. He impressed her with his powers of prophecy and healing and was quickly moving in high society circles. Using his psionic powers to dominate people, he made a number of contacts at court and was soon well placed to begin to influence the Royal Family. On August 12th, 1974, the Tsarevich Alexei, heir to the throne, was born with hereditary haemophilia. None of the doctors at court could help him and so the scene was set for Rasputin. Using his healing Psionic powers, Rasputin aided Alexei, but did not cure him. This soon made him invaluable to the Tsar and the Tsarina, and he became the most influential person at court.

However, like so many Disruptor Knights, Rasputin was unable to cope with the mental powers he possessed. He soon to prophecy doon for his enemies and then use his powers to bring about their death. He controlled the minds of women in order to exercise his depraved desires, often the wives and daughters of the nobility, making him very unpopular in court. He began to preach a doctrine of salvation through sin and, by mass domination, achieved a large following. The Tsar Nicholas turned a blind eye as much as he could for his sons sake, but in 1980 Rasputin was banished from court because of his "excesses". Soon after, the Tsarevich fell while playing and cut his knee. Rasputin was recalled and redoubled his influence.

Rasputin is slowly dominatin the Tsar, making him indecisive and weak, and forcing him to make poor choices of advisors. This is making the Tsar even more unpopular with both the people and the nobility. In addition, he is enslaving the Tsarina to his will and making the Tsarevich reliant upon him.

The time is ripe for revolution. In order to ensure that Britain does not intervene immediately, the Disruptors plan to assassinate Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Great Britain, in the hope that this will throw the Empire into confusion; By the time a new Prime Minister is elected it will be too late.....


Str: 60: End: 60 DB: +3: RR: 4
Dex: 56: Int: 62: Wil: 62: Psi: 75
Acts: 5: Idea: 6: PsiRR: 7
Skills: Listen 56%: Climb 43%: Speak English 56%: Observe 40%: Stealth 36%:
Parapsycho 34%: Scent 22%: Throw 40%: Medical 62%: Religion 64%:
Dodge 60%: Handgun 35%: Club 50%


Biosphere: 60% - Rasputin uses this skill to heal the Tsarivich, and to make himself so hard to kill!
Telepathy: Transmission 56%: Reception 65%
These were Rasputin's natural Psi abilities which the Disruptors found and enhanced. In addition he has been implanted with the Psi-shield Type B and the standing wave response of healing.


Rasputin is a tall man, about 6ft 3", who is always seen wearing plain brown robes. He has a large black beard and wears his hair long and unkempt. However, his most disturbing feature is his piercing blue eyes which tend not to look at you, but seem to bore into your very soul.
Rasputin has been raised from birth to be a Disruptor Knight, and so far, dispite his excesses, he has been very successful in his mission. However, Rasputin may be mad but he is not stupid. Recently he has realised that when the revolution happens he will no longer be needed and so, in his deranged mind, he plans to take control. In the scenario, it is he who organises the attack on Lenin's hideout. He hopes to force the Tsar to abdicate in favour of him as Religious leader of all Russia!!
He is ruthless, mean and totally insane, although he will always speak calmly in a firm voice, even when under pressure.


Role Player Independent February 1993
LUTHER ARKWRIGHT c Bryan Talbot 1990