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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / What's New

What's no longer new on the site

- but I'm damned if I am ever removing content page


This page contains the oldest stuff on the site: I actually started this page in 1996, but I did not see the idea of whats new pages until 1997 - see the earliest entry below - and promptly stole the idea, as is traditional on the Net. Check out the other whats new pages: numbers one, two and three.

Saturday May 15th 1999
Added two new covers into the Heart of Empire Thumbnail Gallery Three - that of issue four and issue five. Also updated the image page navigator so that it is completely up to date.

Sunday April 18th 1999
Added the Heart of Empire thumbnail gallery three, since the others were getting too big, and put in links to the website address as it appears in issue one, and also the alternative photo of Bryan.

Thursday April 15th 1999
Added the publicity that Dark Horse put out for Heart of Empire, and also added the fanmail page.

Wednesday April 14th 1999

Added the Lake District thumbnail gallery, to show my own photo's of the Lake District locations that Bryan used in One Bad Rat and how close Bryan's art is to reality: placed into this gallery the first page,that of Cartmell Fell church.

Updated the Heart of Empire thumbnail gallery (one) with the page showing exactly how page nine should look.

Tuesday April 13th 1999
Updated the image page navigator with the two new pages in the favourite scenes gallery - the first Arkwright page and the signing of the Treaty of St Petersburg.

Tuesday March 30th 1999
Added the first ever page from the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, and also the signing of the Treaty of St Petersburg to the favourite scenes Thumbnail Gallery.

Monday March 8th 1999
Added the meaning of life picture to the favourite scenes gallery, updated Text gallery 2, and also the image navigation page.

Thursday March 4th 1999
Added the alternative portrait of Bryan, which will accompany the alternative biography in issue One of Heart of Empire.

Wednesday February 24th 1999
Started on the favourite scenes thumbnail gallery, containing some of own personal favourite scenes and panels from Bryans work, and added the "skull" panel page as the first one.
Friday February 19th 1999
Added the policy statement for the site.

Tuesday February 9th 1999
Added the alternative biography of Bryan.

Sunday February 7th 1999

Added the second Heart of Empire Thumbnail Gallery, since the first one was getting so full and was downloading too slowly: put into it page two of the first issue, and also page three and page four, and also added the cover of Issue Two. Also updated the Heart of Empire homepage by putting links to these new pages into it.

Also added the Spanish poster advertising the release of One Bad Rat in Spanish - and so also updated the One Bad Rat homepage and the Bad Rat thumbnail gallery.

Also updated the quotes page with some new quotes about Bryans work by other famous artists and authors.

Also added Tripwire magazine's review of Heart of Empire.

Friday February 5th 1999
Added the first page of Heart of Empire - in both the final coloured version and in first rough version - and also updated the Heart of Empire Thumbnail Gallery page, and the Heart of Empire homepage.

Thursday February 4th 1999
Added Bryan's report on the Milan festival.

Sunday January 17th 1999
Added the Shadowdeath thumbnail gallery and the covers to the Shadowdeath series, issues: one, two, three, four, five and six.

Friday January 15th 1999
Added an interview with Bryan about One Bad Rat, that was originally published by Dark Horse, and also updated the One Bad Rat homepage.

Tuesday January 12th 1999

The release date for Heart of Empire has finally been announced! It will be out on April 14th 1999.

So, I have created the Heart of Empire homepage, and updated the Heart Gallery with the cover of issue one.

Thursday 3rd December 1998
Added the interview with Bryan, which Tripwire magazine kindly allowed me to reproduce.

Wednesday 25th November 1998
Created the Heart of Empire thumbnail gallery, and added image pages one, two, three, four and five.

Tuesday 17th November 1998
Created the Frequently Asked Questions page, for - erm, well, questions that are asked frequently...

Tuesday 3rd November 1998
Created the image page navigator page, for anyone who wants to look at every image on the site sequentially: it has a link to every image: enjoy!

Friday October 30th 1998
Well, I have finally realised a long-time ambition and placed a new thumbnail gallery on the site which contains the first ever appearance of Luther in print: it is a complete strip called the Papist Affair, and it's thumbnail gallery is at The Papist Affair Thumbnail Gallery or you can go straight to each issue at: Issue One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven. Of course this meant that the new Text Gallery Two had to be updated too....

Wednesday October 28th 1998
Well it had to happen... the old text only gallery guide, giving a text based description and link into every image page on the site has finally got too big and was therefore defeating it's purpose of quick download and speedy access to each image page... so I have split it into two, at text gallery one and text gallery two. Of course this meant that the overall guide to the galleries had to be updated as well, but who's counting?!

Monday October 26th 1998
Added the Fairy Caravan image into Gallery 4.... check it out, it is beautiful!

Thursday October 22nd 1998
Added the interview with Bryan about One Bad Rat, which was originally published on the Boston Phoenix website.

Tuesday October 20th 1998
I have finally registered a domain name for the site and it has gone live! We are now at if you are looking at the old site then could you update your bookmarks to the new one? I am also in the process of slowly telling all of the search engines where we are, and putting in re-directs at the old site.

Friday September 18th 1998
Added the newest page to be released from Heart of Empire, and also updated Gallery 4 with the relevant thumbnail link, and added links to the new page into the News section.

Thursday August 6th 1998
Upgraded Gallery Four, with a complete strip written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Bryan, entitled "An Honest Answer", with page one, page two, page three and page four.

Monday August 3rd '98
Created the new look for the main page, and also added the new characters and articles pages.

Saturday June 20th '98

Added the "Thank you" letter, which I received from a fellow fan in Helsinki to forward to Bryan... please check it out: if you are feeling down it is a real heartwarmer.

Started on Gallery 4, with only two pictures in it for now - Desertification and the Mad Minstrels.

Wednesday June 3rd '98
Added the frontispiece to the Heart of Empire Information Bulletin page, and also put it as a thumbnail in Gallery Three, and created a new Gallery page for it alone, since it is so amazing!

Wednesday May 27th '98

Bryan emailed me the text for the first information bulletin on Heart of Empire, the Arkwright sequel, and within half an hour the site was updated!

I have also added Bryan's report on the Kemi festival in Finland.

Thursday May 14th '98

Major site maintenance day!

Updated all of the Image Gallery [Gallery 1, Gallery 2, The Dark Horse covers, The Nazz cover gallery, The One Bad Rat cover gallery, The Luther Arkwright Valkyrie press covers, The text only gallery guide] front pages, and the Text Gallery Guide: added a new Gallery [Image Gallery Three], with all of it's new pictures.

Monday March 24th '98
Added the True History of the Disruptors page and the History of the Arkwright Multiverse page.

Sunday March 15th '98
Added the Nazz gallery, and all of the covers to the four Nazz books.

Friday March 6th '98
Added the Quotes page, with comments on Bryans work from people like Harlan Ellison, Jack Kirby and Pat Mills.

Monday March 2nd '98
Updated and tidied up the following pages: the "Bryan Talbot - why I'm a fan", the Ace Wilmslow, Chester P Hackenbush and Frank Fazarkerly image pages

Thursday February 12th '98

Added the Dark Horse Cover Gallery, with scans of the American Edition of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright Issue One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine.

Also updated the Gallery guide page and the Text Gallery.

Tuesday February 10th '98
Added the image of Mary Victoria Elizabeth Boudicca Miranda Cordelia Arkwright Stuart - and as a consequence had to update this page, the main page, the text gallery and the first image gallery.

Monday December 8th '97

Deleted a page for the first time! Got rid of the "Current Events" page since all of the info it contained is now on the first page so regular visitors don't have to keep burrowing down through the site and so that there aren't two pages with the same info on them.

Added the answers page as a place to put up answers to emailed questions that might be of interest to everybody.

Saturday December 6th '97
Started on the site index

Thursday November 13th '97
Added the Michael Moorcock introduction page from the Dark Horse edition of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Monday November 10th '97
Added the report on the Brazilian convention and updated the biography

Saturday October 18th '97
Added the acknowledgments from One Bad Rat page, and Bryan's welcome page.

Thursday October 2nd '97
Added the What's New page, and the One Bad Rat homepage, and the Rat's Tail page, which is Bryan's afterword to One Bad Rat.

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