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Dotter of her Father's Eyes by Bryan and Mary Talbot - official homepage

The official Dotter of her Father's Eyes homepage


This is the official home on the web for Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot's graphic novel Dotter of her Father's Eyes.

Dotter won Costa Biography Award in 2012, the only time that a British graphic novel has won a major literary award.

The publishers summary is:
Part personal history, part biography, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes contrasts two coming-of-age narratives: that of Lucia, the daughter of James Joyce, and that of author Mary Talbot, daughter of the eminent Joycean scholar James S. Atherton. Social expectations and gender politics, thwarted ambitions and personal tragedy are played out against two contrasting historical backgrounds, poignantly evoked by the atmospheric visual storytelling of award winning comic artist and graphic novel pioneer Bryan Talbot.

Produced through an intense collaboration seldom seen between writers and artists, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes is intelligent, funny and sad - a fine addition to the evolving genre of graphic memoir.

Bryan and Mary Talbot winning the Costa Biography prize in 2012 for Dotter of her Father's Eyes

Reviews of Dotter:

The Guardian: "Both narratives are elegantly done. Talbot has a keen eye for the revealing detail, an important skill if you are working in comics. She makes connections, but never labours them... And this must be why their exquisite and moving book feels like a celebration, for all that there is so much sadness between its covers. It says: we have survived – and we still like each other so much, we have made this."

Good - OK - Bad: "Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes is an enjoyable, thoughtful read. (Or at least as enjoyable as a non-fictional pair of tragedies can be.).. the book is good and worth a reader’s time.. I’m grateful then to the Talbots for bringing this segment of the historical record to light and life.

Comicsgirl: "I’m glad that Mary (and Bryan, let’s not forget!) shared these stories with me. Through this book, I feel like I have a new friend."

Page 45: "I've read the entire book, cover to virtual cover, and I can confirm unequivocally that the brilliances of it are manifold... - will strike chords far beyond those interested in James Joyce and his own creativity."

Paul Gravett: "Bringing her expertise in linguistics to comics, Mary writes with a deft candour and finds in Bryan the perfect close collaborator... Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes is a fascinating addition to the emerging tradition of autobiographical graphic novels"

Anne Bean: "In the realm of Graphic Memoirs, I find this a compelling read."

Bryan and Mary Talbot in the Sunderland Echo

And of course, don't forget to check out Mary Talbot's site; Bryan's wife and co-author / collaborator on Dotter.