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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

A word of welcome from Bryan


Hello and welcome to my official fan website.

I think that James Robertson has done an excellent job in putting this together and hope you enjoy and find informative the artwork and features.

This is only the start. We are considering many ways of expanding this site - inclusion of original script texts, previews of forthcoming comic art etc - so stay tuned.

James will be pleased to consider any suggestions and comments on the site and likewise I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


Best wishes

Bryan Talbot

For more information on Bryan, then check out his biography, and the list of interviews Bryan has given.. Also take a look at my article on what it is like to meet your hero, and the list of other articles on the site. The gallery guide page will provide a guide to all of the galleries of Bryan's art that are on the site.



The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot