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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

The Bryan Talbot fanpage index


Here is a list of everything that is on the site in order to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

I have not listed all of the image pages here as there is already a comprehensive list of them with a description on the the Text Gallery pages - numbers one, two three and four: these pages also have no thumbnails so that downloading times are quicker. If you can stand to wait for thumbnails to download then go to the Gallery Guide page, which is a comprehensive list to all of the images on the site. Finally there is the image navigator page which has got a simple text link to all of the images on the site on one page. Bryan suggested that I add to the site a list of all of the complete strips that are on it, and the strip listing is the result.

General info
  The FAQ are here to answer general questions about the site, and the policy statement is here to tell people how I will run this site. There are also a couple of reviews about this site: from the Internet Magazine and from Comics International. Also refer to the bulletin board where regular visitors discuss the site and Bryan's work.
Bryan Talbot
  The official Bryan Talbot biography.
  Why I am a fan, and the first time I met Bryan
  Interviews with Bryan: as there are so many, I have created a homepage for all interviews and conventions, but there are interviews with Bryan by Popimage, Michael Gillman at Dark Horse, an Italian fan named Lorenzo, Tripwire magazine and Bryan's own character Hiram Kowolsky.
Reviews of Bryan's work: don't just take my word for it: check out what other people have said about the Best Comic Storyteller and Artist Alive: from Comics International's Review of Heart of Empire, The's review of Luther Arkwright and of Heart of Empire, and Popimage's review of Arkwright, Empire and the Tale of One Bad Rat.
Bryans welcome to the site, and Bryan's advice for starting out comic artists.
  Conventions: Bryans report on the Belo Horizonte convention in Brazil, the Kemi festival in Finland, and the Novegro Fumetto convention in Milan.
  The Bryan Talbot stripography
  Bryan Talbot related merchandise available to buy
  Quotes - what other famous people have said about Bryan and his work.
  Frequently asked questions about Bryan, his work, this website and why I run it.
  The Image Navigator: a link to every image on the site from one page, and the articles homepage - a link to every text based discussion of Bryan and his work.
Heart of Empire
  The first Heart of Empire Information Bulletin
  The Heart of Empire image gallery, with the first, second, third, fourth and fifth images to be released by Bryan
  An interview with Bryan from Tripwire magazine about Heart of Empire.
  The Heart of Empire homepage, to collate all info and links about Heart of Empire into one place; and the Heart of Empire CD-Rom homepage - and the welcome to the site to people arriving from the link on the CD-Rom.
Luther Arkwright
  My own review of the Graphic Novels and of the Arkwright multiverse
  Michael Moorcock's introduction to the Dark Horse edition of the complete adventures of Luther Arkwright
  Tom Veitch's article on "Is America ready for Bryan Talbot" discussing Bryan's style and the Arkwright multiverse and much more. (written in 1990)

The Luther Arkwright article series:
- The Arkwright Multiverse
- The True History of the Disruptors

- The Online Luther Arkwright Thesis:
- Introduction: What are comics?
- Chapter One: Semiosis in the Adventures of Luther Arkwright
- Chapter Two: The Semiotics of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright
- Conclusion

  Role playing game scenarios: Mad Monks and Englishmen and Luther Arkwright for GURPS.
One Bad Rat
  The One Bad Rat homepage
  Bryan's acknowledgments from One Bad Rat
  Rat's Tail: Bryan's afterword to One Bad Rat
  An interview with Bryan on One Bad Rat, originally from the Dark Horse website.
  Another interview with Bryan from The Boston Phoenix, on One Bad Rat.
Alice in Sunderland
  The Alice in Sunderland homepage
  The Alice in Sunderland reviews page
  The Grandville homepage - including the animated trailer!
Other Links
  Links to external sites connected with Bryan and his work
Picture Galleries
  The Luther Arkwright Cover Gallery
  The One Bad Rat Cover Gallery
  Thumbnail Gallery One
  Thumbnail Gallery Two
  Thumbnail Gallery Three
  Thumbnail Gallery Four
  The Nazz Gallery
  The Papist Affair Gallery, the For A Few Gallons More strip, the Cannabis Conspiracy strip and the Memento strip..
  The Dark Horse Edition Cover Gallery
  The Text Gallerys: these are text only links to all of the image galleries on the site: number one, two, three, four and five.
  The image gallery guide: for people who want to see every image on the site with the minimum of messing around: this page simply contains a link to every image on the site.
  The Guide to all of the Galleries on the site.

The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot