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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

Links to other pages of
potential interest


I have grouped here all the links to other pages that might interest anyone who is interested in what I have got to offer on this site.. as such it's a pretty personal and eclectic choice, but I like it!

I check these links frequently, but since they are other people's work and I have no control over them they can change address very quickly, so please let me know if there are any dud links!

As ever, I firmly subscribe to the "it's my ball and if I don't get to play with it then I am taking it home" school of web design, and so I am going to take this chance to link to my day-job blog of: James Robertson: online marketing expert.

Some other fans of Bryan's have created a rather nifty MySpace page: check it out at
One of the nicest things about running a site like this is the fact that people occasionaly get in touch and ask you to look at their stuff. Sometimes it can be a bit dire - but every now and then you get a real gem: into this category falls Ian Stacey's stuff; check it out at; in particular look at his cartoons.
Mark Stafford has his own page at
The Amateur Comics Guild
The point of The Amateur Comics Guild is to bring like minded groups together to learn from each other and provide support. The Amateur Comics Guild will provide a central hub that employers can easily jump from one amateur site to another with out using search engines to find new talent. The Amateur Comics Guild will be the first in the UK to join comic communities and share information on the how and whys of breaking into the industry.
Angus McKie has got his own site up and online at last: check it out! He is the colourist who did such outstanding work on Heart of Empire, Teknophage and Shadowdeath.
An old favourite comic of mine has reappeared: check out Thrud the Barbarian, and go to your local comic retailer and demand that they stock it! Incidentally, the author, Carl Critchlow used to attend a class that was taught by Bryan!
Warren Ellis has written a review of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright at the Artbomb site that I urge you to go away and read right now. Warren also gave an interview where he replied to the question:

Q: A strange end. Right now, alien spaceships appear from nowhere obscuring the sky of your town. There is no time, you have to run and leave your home. Can take with you only 3 comics, 3 music CDs, 3 movies, 3 novels. Which ones, and why, are you going to save from destruction?

A: From Hell [by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell], The Adventures of Luther Arkwright [by Bryan Talbot], Alec: The King Canute Crowd [by Eddie Campbell]. The latter two are huge influences, the former is Alan's masterpiece...

[see the original interview in full at the Ultrazone site]


Buy high quality prints of Bryan's work online!

The POD Gallery has just opened, and they are selling high quality prints of Bryan's work online, right now! I fell really good about this link, partly because it is an opportunity for other fans to buy stuff from Bryan, but mainly because the guys from POD asked to speak to Bryan through this site - and I put them in touch with him, and as a result there is now another place for Bryan's art to be sold!

Mars Imports have got a great site: not only can you buy Bryan's stuff online, but they have an interview with Bryan about Heart of Empire. This will be reprinted on the forthcoming Heart of Empire CD-Rom, but will not be put onto the site for at least a year in the interests of exclusivity.

Buy Bryan's work online!

One of the best places to buy Bryan's stuff is from the online shop over at Things From Another World - and I just had to use the advert below to publicise it!

If you want to buy any of the books that Bryan mentions in his "How to get started in comics" page then you can get them at Amazon, by either clicking on the logo below or by searching from the search-area below.
The one volume graphic novel of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright
The one volume graphic novel of Heart of Empire
the Tale of One Bad Rat graphic novel
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright audio CD
Search for all comics by Bryan at Amazon
I have got to yell about the SETI at home search for extraterrestrial life: as this is such an amazing idea, that I have immediately signed up, and I'd love to know if anyone has gone there to participate as a result of this website. What they do is allow you to analyse some of the data accumulated from their radio search for alien signals as a screensaver, downloading and uploading the data via the net as necessary.
So - just think: you could be the person who actually finds a radio signal from an alien race! And they have promised to co-credit the person on whose machine the screensaver is running when the discovery is made!
Click here to help in the search for extraterrestrial life
Bryan drew the frontispieces for Gwyneth Jones books, Bold as Love, Castles Made of Sand and Midnight Lamp: Bold as Love now has it's own dedicated site.

2000AD have got their own site up: this comic I have read since issue 1, since I was 8 years old - which means I have read it for 23 years! It is where I first encountered Bryan's work, albeit unkowingly at first when he drew Nemesis for a while. These guys have given us Dredd, Slaine, Flesh, Strontium Dog, Nemesis, the Harlem Heroes, Bad Company, Future Shocks, Sinister and Dexter and many, many more strips... it is impossible to praise their imagination, quality and contribution to British comics highly enough!

Check out the Wizards Keep site; homepage of 2000ad artist Tim Perkins.
SMS has got his own site up: check it out! SMS is the artist who helped Bryan on Heart of Empire with a lot of the architectural backgrounds and pages.

Ever been made to cry by a comic? I have, and I ain't to macho too admit it, neither. Please, please go and check out Nowhere Girl, and join me in emailing the creator Justine and telling her how good it is and pleading piteously for her to write the next installment as quickly as possible, dammit!

I found this site an entire glacial epoch ago from the folks at Memepool who've staved off brain-numbing boredom many a time with their collection of links to the weird and wonderful on the Net, and today I finally found it again! Now all I gotta do is get the Memepoolers to link here!

Another of my favourite authors is Guy Gavriel Kay: check out the Bright Weavings fanpage.

Jordan Smith is working with Bryan on the latest project, Alice in Sunderland: and this is his site: Darkview.

Francois Peneaud contacted me and asked Bryan for permission to use one of his strips on a site against homophobia, and Bryan of course agreed: check it out at
Scott McCloud has got a great site, with an excellent regular column: he is also the author of Understanding Comics.
Grovel - the source for graphic novel reviews - have reviewed the Adventures of Luther Arkwright - and a darn good review it is too!
Swing by The Shadow Gallery - you'll be glad you did: an extremely literate and intelligent critique of comics in various formats - online, on CD etc.
There is an excellent article on Bryan over at the Comic Book Creators Guild - although the footer to the article says that it was mostly compiled from stuff available here on the fanpage!
John McCrea has his own site: he once blagged a lift from me coming back to Birmingham from a party at Bryan's house, and made the four hour journey one of the best ever with his excellent sense of humour and fund of stories: a really nice bloke and an excellent artist to boot.
Hunt Emerson also has a rather cool site up and running: another genuinely nice bloke who makes his home somewhere in Birmingham....
There are a lot of good comic art links over at the Comic Art Links Directory.
Artbomb do some intelligent, well thought out reviews of graphic novels, and wrote a good review of the Tale of One Bad Rat.
Check out Dave Langfords Ansible pages: the long time sci-fi fan author has got reviews, links, convention info and way more on his site.
Dave Windett who did some work on Heart of Empire - specifically some inking - has got his own site up.
Sequential Tart is a great online 'zine, with some very witty and apt observations of women and their depiction's in comics. And I cannot help but like any website that can think up a name that good!
The Silver Bullet site has got some great news and reviews and places to buy comics on line: check it out!
Another fan of Bryan's has drawn a four page online comic about Beatrix Potter: check out Tatiana Gill's homepage.
Popimage are a great comics site that have let me reprint here some of the stuff they did recently on Bryan.
Bryan has asked me to put in a link to front door of The Dark Hotel and also a link directly to the story by Paul Mavrides (y'know - Freak Brothers?) and his own story in there, on the basis that Spain Rodriguez was an early influence on him, and that Justin Green's Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary is one of Bryan's all time favourite comics.
Matthew Pook's conversion of the Arkwright mythos into rules for the GURPS generic roleplaying game
Mad Monks and Englishmen: this is a fully realised scenario for the Luther Arkwright Role Playing game, excellently realised by Phil Edwards
Harry Payne has set up an excellent site, based on the Issue 10 of the Valkyrie Press edition of Arkwright, known as ARKeology, containing a load of extra info on Luther and his world.
Here is another review of One Bad Rat, from the Boston Phoenix.
Check out Green Man Press, publishers of A Fall of Stardust - which includes the "Fairy Caravan" image of Bryans.
I recently had a most excellent evening with a mate (and isn't it always the nights you don't plan that turn out to be the best?) - and during the course of our inebriated ramblings I mentioned to him a ton of sites that I love, and realised that most of them were not linked on this site! Anyway: the best of the bunch is Nowhere Girl, which IS already linked to, but deserves another link; then there is my cat hates you - which is the only legitimate reason for cat pictures on websites ever, and is just plain hysterical; in comics check out You Damn Kid an excellent online semi-autobiographical comic, then there is The Parking Lot is Full - one of the very few websites to truly disturb me, but in a thought-provoking way; and finally Get Fuzzy, and excellent updated daily online comic that is actually funny!
Take a look at Patrick Brown's Ulster Cycle site: a darn comprehensive account of the heroic myths and legends of Ireland, and also his own Cartoonist site, which is also full of good stuff.
And because of the strong anti-racist and anti-fascist themes of Bryan's books, and also because it is something that I myself passionately believe in please check out the Anti Nazi League. Also check out Searchlight Magazine: these guys work tirelessly to educate people as to the realities of the Holocaust and who the active Nazi's and racists are today.
Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the utterly amazing South African choral group (who backed Paul Simon on Graceland) have got their own site, and more importantly are launching a foundation to teach native culture at a new academy in South Africa. Now, personally, Nelson Mandela is the only person on the planet who I would be more impressed to meet than Bryan Talbot, so please surf over to and see if you are able to help them out at all.
We've just got a listing at Jonah Weiland's excellent Comic Book Resources in the Creators / Fanpage section.
Mikel's Golden Age comic links: A lot of links to many different comic related sites.



The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot