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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

What's new on the Bryan Talbot fanpage


I cannot quite believe this - but 2009 is the thirteenth year that I have been running this site! It's still an honour and privilege to be considered as the Official Bryan Talbot fanpage you know.

I have also found the newsgroup posting through Google that showed when I launched the site - in 1996! (by the way - that's an old address for the site in the posting that no longer works, - neither does that email address.)

Also see what was new in 2008, what was new in 2007, what was new in 2006, what was new in 2005, what was new in 2004, what was new in 2003, what was new in 2002, what was new in 2001, what was new in 2000, what was new in 1999, and what was new up to 1998.

Monday September 21st 2009

Added more Grandville tour and signing dates to the Grandville homepagee and also to the main news page. Also added a poster for the signings that Bryan is doing at Orbital Comics and Forbidden Planet.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the last entry in the old version of the site "what's new" page: on Tuesday September 13th 2009 the new version of the site was implemented. All updates to the site are now posted there and not here.

Thursday September 17th 2009
Added details of the Grandville signing tour to the Grandville homepage and also posted the same details on the news page to make sure as many people as possible get to see it!

Monday September 7th 2009
Added an illustration of Superman that Bryan drew for "Superman: World of New Krypton" to image gallery 19; also therefore updated the image gallery guide page and also text gallery 6.

Sunday September 6th 2009
Added info about the signing sessions for Grandville that Bryan is doing to the Grandville homepage: I also added events for the sgining sessions over at the Bryan Talbot Facebook fanpage.

Monday August 31st 2009
Updated the news page and the Grandville homepage with the mini-press-release Bryan sent over about the sequel to Grandville!

Monday August 24th 2009
Added the first review of Grandville to the Grandville section.

Sunday August 23rd 2009
Updated the news page with the info about Bryan's signing session for Grandville at Forbidden Planet in London on September 26th.

Tuesday July 21st 2009
Added a couple of images of Bryan getting awarded his honourary degree to the biography page: check out Bryan getting his degreee image one and image two.

Friday July 3rd 2009
Added the news about Bryan's honourary degree to the news page.

Thursday July 2nd 2009
Added two new interviews with Bryan to the site: they are both off-site so I put links to them on the Grandville homepage and also on the interviews and conventions homepage.

Wednesday June 24th 2009
Added a link to Marv Wolfman's site on the links page after Bryan emailed me and asked me to!
Wednesday June 17th 2009
Added news of Bryan's attendance at the San Diego comic con to the news page.

Tuesday May 12th 2009
Added the animated Grandville trailer to the Grandville homepage.

Wednesday May 5th 2009
Another new image for the Grandville gallery: this time it is the front cover of the Grandville graphic novel.

Wednesday April 29th 2009
Added a new image to the Grandville homepage and gallery: Sarah Blaireau.

Wednesday April 22nd 2009
Added the link to Bryan's article on Michael Moorcock and his influence on Bryan's work onto the news page.

Monday April 20th 2009
Added the Metronome press release.

Thursday April 16th 2009
Added Bryan's announcement that he and Veronique Tanaka are one and the same person!

Thursday April 2nd 2009
Added a new image to the Grandville gallery - Liberty leading the people.

Monday February 23rd 2009
Added a new page to the Grandville section - page 67. Also added it to the official Bryan Talbot Facebook group!

Monday February 9th 2009
Updated the news page with info about Bruan's attendance and signing sessions at Bilbolbul in Bologna.

Tuesday January 1st 2009

Some other fans of Bryan's have created a rather nifty MySpace page: check it out at

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