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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

Frequently Asked Questions


The Frequently Asked Questions section has answers to questions about Bryan, his work, this site and why I run it. If you have a question that's not answered on this page, then drop me a line and if your question and my answer end up on here I'll have to think of some sort of goodies to send out as a prize....

So, who is Bryan Talbot?
  Bryan Talbot is a British comic book author and artist, and is - in my Humble Opinion - the best comic artist and storyteller alive today. His attention to detail, intricate plotting and obvious labour of love are amazing. (Also check out his biography on this site.) Also, take a look at the guided tour page for a more detailed tour of Bryan'w work.
Why are you doing a web page for him?
  For the simple reason of telling as many people as possible about his work, as there is no buzz quite like turning other people onto something that you yourself love. I also want this site to be the single best place for any information on Bryan and his work in any medium.
... and what are you getting out of it?
  Absolutely nothing! I am doing this because I have undertaken a self imposed mission to make Bryan's work more known as many people as possible, because I think he's the best comic storyteller in the world, and this is the best medium to reach the entire world!
Is this really an "official" site?
  Oh yes! I first got in touch with Bryan through this very medium that we are now using, the wonderful Net, and asked if I could do his website for him... he agreed, and since I was the first to ask, I also asked if I could put the "official" bit into the name - and he also agreed. Bryan now lets me know stuff that he'd like to be on the site and I ensure it gets put up - it's as simple as that!
How long have you been doing this site? What do you do as a day job?

I have been maintaining and updating the Talbot fanpage since late 1996: I only saw someone else do the What's New concept in late 1997, so that is when the what's new pages start from!

As a day job I am an internet consultant.

Other, more general questions:
How can I contact Bryan?
  As you can imagine, Bryan doesn't want to advertise his email address here on the site, as otherwise he would get hundreds of emails and never get any work done! However if you send anything via myself, then I am always able to send it along to Bryan.
I want to ask Bryan's advice on how to get started in comic creation! Can I just ask him that?
  Bryan doesn't receive emails directly from this site: we ask people to email me first, and then I forward them to him, because you can imagine how many he would get otherwise! If, thought, you want to see Bryan's specific advice on how to get started in comics, then he'\s written a specific page of advice on exactly this..
How can I buy Bryan's comics right now?
  Bryan's comics are available to buy right now from Things From Another World: this link will conduct a search on their site for all of Bryan's work and show you what they have. I don't know of any UK based retailers that also sell Bryan's comics, so other UK based customers will have to put up with US based postal rates in the short terms it seems.
How can I buy original art by Bryan?
  Bryan usually has original art to sell from conventions, and it is also a chance to meet him in person. The best thing to do is to tell me that you're interested in getting some original art - either via email or the bulletin board - and then I can let Bryan know. Check out the conventions page to see where Bryan will be at next. Also take a look at the links page where there a couple of places that you can buy Bryan's art from, chief amongst them being the brilliantly names Things From Another World online store.
How do I contact Knockabout Press? And how much does X-Directory cost in US dollars?
  The X-Directory is listed as 3.99 US Dollars; Knockabout are contactable at 10, Acklam Road, London, W10 5QZ, England, phone number is (44) 181 969 2945
Where do I buy Octobriana from? How much does it cost? Did Bryan Talbot write and draw all of it or just the covers?
  The Octobriana page is at, (and I just checked - they are still online!) and Bryan only drew the front cover of the first issue ... but it's still worth getting! As for cost - I don't know but it should be on the Octobriana page, and they do special deals where you can buy all of the already printed issues at discount prices: I bought all mine at a comic show in London...



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