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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

Articles about Bryan and his work


This page contains links to all of the articles about Bryan that I have been able to gather.

I have used the phrase "articles" to cover anything text based about Bryan, as it seemed a nice catch-all concept, and I couldn't think of a better one! I have also created a stand-alone page for interviews and conventions news.

Caroline Callaghan reflects on Bryan's work over at the Pantechnicon site.
Bryan has another new book coming out which is a retrospective of his whole career. See the - the Art of Bryan Talbot press release for more - and also see the Art of Bryan Talbot front cover.
Bryan is just about to publish a book of anecdotes and stories about comic writers and artists, and the things they get up to when they are "tired and emotional" at conventions... Now - I've been to a couple of cons and heard Bryan's stories, and they have had me literally crying with laughter! - I cannot wait until this book comes out! See press release on the Naked Artist and also see the front cover.
There are specific areas on the site dedicated to Bryan's comics: check out the One Bad Rat homepage, the Heart of Empire homepage, the Luther Arkwright homepage.
A long time ago I wrote and article on why I am a fan of Bryan and his work.... and there is a follow up of what it is like to meet your hero.
Warren Ellis is a name that many people in comics have heard of... he has written two glowing reviews of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and also Heart of Empire.
See the article Bryan sent me about Bryan and Alan Moores collaboration on the upcoming comic "Yuggoth Cultures" and also the article where Bryan talks about returning to complete the Nightjar story after 20 years.
See a recent article published about Bryan's upcoming comic called "Alice in Sunderland."
Bryan suggested that I add to the site a list of all of the complete strips that are on it, and the strip listing is the result.
Harry Payne created the ARKeology site, which contains issue 10 of the Valkyrie Press edition of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright: he also wrote an essay / review of Arkwright, called "Brilliant Depravities."
The review of the site that the Internet Magazine published in September 1999.
We have just announced an auction of original artwork by Bryan: check out the auction page for details on what is available, how to bid and how to buy!
The Bryan Talbot bulletin board is now open for discussion and comments on Bryan's stuff, so come one over - we have some excellent discussuins going on and we promise to be nice to all newcomers!
Popimage recently did a special feature on Bryan, and they have now removed it from their site: however, I have preserved some of it for posterity and reprint it here with their kind permission for your enjoyment: first of all there is a review of Heart of Empire by Arni Gunnarrsson; then there is the interview entitled Bryan Talbot: the best kept secret in comics - a sentiment I heartily agree with, of course! There is also an interview with Bryan that they conducted, a review of Luther Arkwright, and an example of the scripts for Heart of Empire.
Alan Moore wrote an introduction to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright book two many years ago and I have now added it to the site.
Just added the review of this website by Comics International, and also their reviews of Heart of Empire issues one, two, three and four.
Roger Sabin has allowed me to reprint his introduction to the reprinted edition of Brainstorm: it's an excellent article and is definitelt worth a read.
Check out an interview with Bryan from an Italian fan: it's very wide ranging and gets some excellent answers to some meaty questions! - and thanks to Lorenzo for permission to reprint it.
One of the most original interviews with Bryan that has ever been conducted is the Slipping through the parallels with Bryan Talbot one, done by Brad Cook, which has Hiram Kowolsky coming to our parallel to interview Bryan....
Bryan has written a new introduction to the reprint of the Brainstorm comics - and I think it gives greater insight into his life than the regular biography!
Have a look at the Indy Magazine's review of Heart of Empire: it says so much, so well about Bryan's work.....
I have just added the Rat's Whiskers, the foreword to the Tale of One Bad Rat by Stephen Gallagher, and it's a very moving article.
After numerous people have emailed me asking for advice on how to start up in the comics world - advice that I felt utterly unsuited to give, as I am merely a fan myself, and not an artist or writer - I asked Bryan if he could pen some advice that we could update periodically: the result is in Bryan's advice to new Comic Creators.
Tasha Lowe from kindly forwarded me the reviews that she had written about the Adventures of Luther Arkwright and also Heart of Empire.
Added the first Shadowdeath script today: I will add one of these a week until all six are up on the site. (The Shadowdeath thumbnail Gallery is also worth a look)
Hiram Kowolsky interviews Bryan Talbot.... (for readers who have not read the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Hiram is a character in that book... but, if the Multiverse is indeed infinite, then he must be out there somewhere...)
Bryan's alternative biography.
Tom Veitch's article on Luther Arkwright
A review of Heart of Empire, first published in Tripwire magazine.

An interview with Bryan about Heart of Empire, first published in the December 1998 issue of Tripwire magazine, also another interview with Bryan, this time on One Bad Rat and originally from the Dark Horse website.

The first Heart of Empire information bulletin.

An introduction written by Michael Moorcock for the Dark Horse edition of the complete trade paperback edition of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

A thesis written by Rob Cave [a fellow Talbot fan] on Luther Arkwright: Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Conclusion.

A description of the Disruptors and the Multiverse that exists in the Adventures of Luther Arkwright: fascinating background reading for anyone who is a fan of the books, or anyone who is thinking of reading them - but could act as a spoiler for anyone who wants to read the books "fresh."

The acknowledgements from One Bad Rat, and indeed the One Bad Rat homepage.

An interview with Bryan on One Bad Rat, from the Boston Phoenix.

Bryan's afterword from The Tale of One Bad Rat.
A thank-you letter for Bryan, for One Bad Rat, from a fan in Finland.

The day that I met Bryan...

The quotes page: what other artists and authors have said about Bryan and his work.