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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

The One Bad Rat homepage


Please note: this is an outdated version of the homepage for the Tale of One Bad Rat: the current, updated version is at

This page contains in one place all of the links to One Bad Rat related material on this site. It is a single jumping off point for all information and pictures on this amazing comic by Bryan Talbot, lumped together for your convenience in once place, so that you don't have to trawl through the entire site trying to find it.

Did you know: The Tale of One Bad Rat is the second most requested graphic novel in US libraries? (and an honourable second at that - only Maus beats it).

Breaking news! The movie rights to the Tale of One Bad Rat have been acquired! Read the press release for more information!

The Tale of One Bad Rat is an amazingly moving story, even for those that have not suffered the horror of child abuse. When people who have themselves been to that dark place come back and say that the book helped them, then I listen in humbled awe. I have found a number of external sites that detail how Bad Rat helped them get through their own personal nightmare.

Artbomb reviewed One Bad Rat and Comics Worth Reading site has also reviewed the Tale of One Bad Rat - and has given it an outstadning review.

I have added a new gallery of images from the comic compared to their real world counterparts in the Lake District: check out the Lake District thumbnail gallery for more.
Another fan of Bryan's has drawn a four page online comic about Beatrix Potter: check out Tatiana Gill's homepage, and then her comic DIY Victorian Style.

Popimage have kindly agreed to let me reprint their review of One Bad Rat from their December '99 issue. I have also found a great review of One Bad Rat at Radio Zero's book reviews.
I have just added the Rat's Whiskers, the foreword to the Tale of One Bad Rat by Stephen Gallagher, and it's a very moving article.
Just added to the Bad Rat Gallery is Bryan's self portrait and also a preparatory sketch of a dead rat.
Also check out the Spanish poster advertising the release of One Bad Rat in Spain, sent to me by a Spainish fan of Bryan's (thanks Jordi!)
The One Bad Rat thumbnail gallery, or alternatively go straight to the images on the covers of Books One, Two, Three and Four.

The Rat's Tail: Bryans afterword printed in the trade paperback edition of One Bad Rat.

The acknowledgement from One Bad Rat

A picture of Helen Potter, standing in the rain...

The final frame of the entire series.

An interview with Bryan on One Bad Rat, from the Boston Phoenix.
Another interview with Bryan on One Bad Rat, this time originally published by Dark Horse comics.
A thank you letter to Bryan for writing One Bad Rat, from a fan in Finland,
Have a look at the quotes page, to see what other famous artists and authors have said about Bryan's work.
A fan of One Bad Rat got a sketch Bryan drew of a rat tattoed onto her arm!
  Another excellent review of the Tale of One Bad Rat from Suite 101.

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