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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage

The Heart of Empire homepage


This page is a single homepage that lists all of the information on the site about Bryan Talbot's Heart of Empire, which was finally published on April 14th 1999. At last!!

Breaking news; you can now read the first chapter of the Heart of Empire Directors Cut on this very website! (to get more info on what the the CD-Rom is check out the Heart of Empire Directors Cut homepage; in summary it is Bryan's answer to "where do you get your ideas from?" - 60,000 words of annotations and every page in pencilled, inked, low-res and high-res colour versions - and all of Arkwright too!)

Heart of Empire is available to buy from Amazon right now!
The Heart of Empire Directors Cut second edition is available for purchase right now, online! check out the Heart of Empire Directors Cut online store to buy it now.
See the cover of the French edition of Heart of Empire.
Angus McKie the excellent computer colourist on Heart of Empire has got his own site up: check it out!

Heart of Empire reviews:
- Warren Ellis reviewed Heart of Empire
- Ozymandias has also reviewed Heart of Empire.
- a review of Heart of Empire, originally published by Popimage, who have kindly allowed me to reprint it, since they have moved the original off their site: they also have allowed me to republish an example of the script of Issue 2.
- the Miami Herald reviewed the Heart of Empire Directors Cut .

The Heart of Empire Directors Cut press release has just been added to the site, with all info on the CD-Rom, together with some screenshots of what will be on it....
The Spanish edition of Heart of Empire will be published in three separate issues: we have got the covers of them on the issue one, issue two and issue three pages.
Sidra Roberts, writing at Collectors Times also reviewed Heart of Empire, with a delightfully personal touch.
Comics International have just reviewed issues one, two three and four: here's what they say.
The Indy Magazine have just published a review of Heart of Empire, which I have had to reprint here: it is great: it's a review by a jaded comics fan coming to Bryan's work fresh and falling in love on the spot.
Tasha Lowe has just interviewed Bryan: you can check it out over at the page on
Added several new images: Hiram Kowolsky on how to deal with racists, the covers of issues six, seven and eight, and nine.
Just added the full colour version of page 79 from issue three - and also the first rough draft version of the page.
Here's a new interview with Bryan... but this one is conducted by Hiram Kowolsky, the reporter character from both The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of Empire... well, if the multiverse is infinite, then he must exist somewhere....
Bryan has just sent me a new image for inclusion on the site: it is page 103 of the series and is the first page from issue four to be released: it's in thumbnail gallery three.
Here is a scan of the website address from the published comic: this is a pure ego trip on my behalf, but I couldn't resist it. Also, because of so many new pictures being added I have created the Heart of Empire thumbnail Gallery 3, and added Bryan's "alternative portrait" from issue one.
Check out the new pages: fanmail received about Heart of Empire and also the publicity that Dark Horse has published about Heart of Empire.
Bryan has had commissioned an alternative portrait to go with the alternative biography: check it out, it's amazing! There is also an alternative photo of Bryan, in his "British Army" uniform...
Added a second Heart of Empire Thumbnail Gallery due to the first one getting so large and taking so long to download: in it there are pages two, three and four of the first issue: also check out page one in final finished version and also in first rough draft version.
Added the review of Heart of Empire, from Tripwire magazine.
Added the first page from Heart of Empire, and also Bryan's first rough version of the page. I am particularly proud to be able to show these images, as they fulfill a long term ambition of mine: to be able to show the same page in all of the stages of production so that fans can see the creative process that Bryan goes through to create each stunning work of art that is a page of one of his comics. There will be many more of these sequences to come, some of them in three stages - first ever rough draft, draft with lettering and final version, so watch this space.
The Heart of Empire Gallery, with thumbnails of the first showing of the cover of issue one, and five pages from the new comic.[page one, page two, page three, page four and page five] There is also an image of Victoria, Luther and the Queen's daughter, who was born in the Battle of London at the end of the last series.
The Heart of Empire information bulletin issued by Bryan.
An interview with Bryan, first published in Tripwire magazine, all about the Heart of Empire series.
The Dark Horse pages with the info on Heart of Empire.
Andrea Cantucci has reviewed the Italian version of Heart of Empire.
Click here to go to the full size version of the Heart of Empire cover Here is the thumbnail of the cover to issue one... published here because it looks so good, and to give you a hint of what the full size image is like. Go on! Click on it - you know you want to...

I received the following from Bryan recently:

I Spent a lot of yesterday sorting out the insides of Issue One for the editor - what's going where etc. Should look good. I sent the art director a selection of adverts from old magazines and Victorian newspapers he can scatter at random. Also I'll be having a biog in the first issue - a made up one; a parallel one! The sf illustrator Jason Hirst has started work on an oil painting of me as a pre-Raphaelite to accompany it!


The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot