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Did you know that you can read the whole first chapter of the Heart of Empire Directors Cut online for free right now? Yup; this is such a complex concept to try and put across that we said "to hell with it; just put the whole first chapter up there; that way people can see exactly what it is and buy it if they like it and have their curiosity satisfied either way." If you'd just like to go ahead and buy it, it's available in the Bryan Talbot shop.

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An Honest Answer by Bryan Talbot and Neil Gaiman

This is a complete four-page strip drawn by Bryan and written by Neil Gaiman and lettered by Sonja Curtis, giving an honest answer to the age-old question of: where do writers get their ideas from?! (And it's not to be taken too seriously...)

Tweet This!

I have just transferred this over from the old version of the site - and I realise that I first posted it online twelve years ago!

Anyway: if you've just surfed on over here as a result of a tweet then check out Bryan's other work: his current graphic novel is Grandville: Mon Amour, but he is also famous for the Adventures of Luther Arkwright, the Tale of One Bad Rat, Heart of Empire and Alice in Sunderland.

We've also got another Bryan Talbot / Neil Gaiman collaboration here: "From Homogenous to Honey" which was a protest and diatribe against some proposed homophobic legislation in the UK in 1988, as well as Memento - a totally "silent" free online comic by Bryan, and the Cannabis Conspiracy - another rant from Bryan as to the real reasons that cannabis is illegal...

If you wanted to buy any of his work check out the graphic novel online shop - and also allow me to recommend the Heart of Empire CD-Rom by Bryan and myself: it contains all of Heart of Empire and all of Arkwright - and a lot more besides!