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The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage / The Pregallery Page

The characters of Bryan Talbot


This page has links to information and pcitures about the characters that Bryan has drawn over the years. It is not definitive yet... but it will be!

Probably one of the best visual guides to the characters that Bryan has drawn and / or created is the montage of characters that Bryan drew, from thumbnail gallery 2.

Luther Arkwright


Luther is the hero of Bryan's magnum opus "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright" and is heavily featured throughout this site: in fact that is a picture of him looking pretty darn mean at the top left of every page...

In the books we see him mature from a cool, distant and aloof man, into someone so passionate that he realises that he must save the Multiverse so that his one, true love, Rose Wylde may live...

An overview of the Arkwright Multiverse, and his main enemies, the Disruptors.
For details on the many images of Luther, check out the main Gallery page.
Another Talbot fan - Robert Cave - did a thesis on Luther for his Phd: start at the intro, then check out chapter 1 - part one and part two, chapter 2 - part one and part two and then the conclusion.
Tom Veitch's article on "Is America ready for Bryan Talbot?"
Michael Moorcocks introduction to the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
Luther's first ever adventure! A complete strip on the site, entitled "The Papist Affair"
Another, complete strip: an early crossover adventure starring Luther entitled "For A Few Gallons More"

Helen Potter

Helen is the heroine of One Bad Rat, Bryan's superb treatment of a girl coming to terms with and then overcoming the trauma of child abuse.
The One Bad Rat cover gallery, and also the Lake District gallery with images from the comic wirh photo's alongside them of the actual locations...
A thank you letter from a fan in Finland, telling Bryan how much Bad Rat has helped him in his work.
Interviews with Bryan about One Bad Rat: one from Dark Horse, and one originally published by the Boston Phoenix.
The acknowledgements from One Bad Rat
The One Bad Rat homepage, where everything related to the comic is gathered together in one place.

Chester P Hackenbush, the Psychedlic Alchemist!

  Chester is one of Bryan's earliest creations from the days of the underground comic Brainstorm back in the early '70's.
The cover of the original Brainstorm collected edition.
A publicity shot of Bryan launching the original comic and also the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
The promotional poster for the re-release of Chesters Adventures.


The design and content of this page and this entire website is copyright 1999, 2006 by James Robertson: all images are copyright 1999, 2006 by Bryan Talbot